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Topic: HELP! Error 5's that just don't go away in XP!

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    HELP! Error 5\'s that just don\'t go away in XP!

    Well after about a week of installs into the night and trying every possible memory registry setting in the book I am totally confused. I still get error 5 codes and am unable to load additional instruments even though I have PLENTY of ram! Does anyone have any ideas?? Below you will find everything I did to tweak my system. Perhaps I am missing soemthing? Or did something I shouldn\'t have?

    I should point out that TASCAM has done absolutely nothing for me.

    Does anyone know the architecture of Giga and how it manages memory and Disk IO in XP?

    Doesn anyone know what the differences are between win2000 and XP in terms of architecture? I almost picked up an INSIDE WIN 2000 book today in desperation.

    Intel 850GB, 2gig Corsair rambus 800 ECC, 2 IBM Deskstar, 1 HP CDRW 9300, Midisport 4x4, Delta 66

    on boot takes up around 207mb
    onload of BIG giga perfomance file it displays 69% @ 195 instruments. Although looking at TASKMAN I have around 54% used.

    If I drag and drop GOS 2nd Violins KS and Lite.gig into the performance now, I get ERROR 5 code.

    If I load the file from a fresh boot and this time start to drag and drop individual instruments from this file into the performance, I will get ERROR Code 5\'s, but I will successfully load some single instruments - such as 2nd Vln Portato Lite...and Marcato Lite.

    If I reboot now, I am placed into scandisk

    Noooo..cacheman doesnt work. Nor memoryoptimizer. Nor UNLOAD DLL\'s setting for Explorer.

    Here is the optimization and some of the install procedures from my notes.


    Make sure NO usb devices are attached.

    Bios - clear plug and play data; enable plug and play os; set the boot order to cd, diskette, HD. Interrupts on AUTO. disable unused ports. disable support for legacy USB

    Reboot 2x to clear data

    Take F5 at the first screen where there is an F6 option.
    Take STANDARD PC. Didn\'t take STANDARD PC w/ CSTEP although I tried this before.
    Reformat the C DRIVE
    Custom network settings:
    IP address and subnet mask.
    On DNS screen disable register box @ the bottom.
    On WINS, disable WH_HOSTS file and enable NETBIOS over TCp/IP

    UI Adjustments:
    classic view
    no desktop
    no screensaver
    power saving options always on
    change turn off monitor to always on from 20 min setting
    disable hibernation
    enable APM.
    Appearance FX: NO transitions; use cleartype; NO window content while dragging
    SETTINGS 1024x768 16bit
    (did not install latest drivers as it is a hog. Tried this last time)
    Menu Bar: classic, show admin tools, small icons
    TaskBar: Auto hide enabled, quick launch enabled

    install delta/66 drivers
    MS Messanger disabled on start

    Plug in Midiman 4x4 and install drivers

    disable fastswitching and welcome screen
    Computer description, Work Group, computer name
    ADvanced performance: BEST
    Disable error reporting except critical

    Turn of fsystem restore
    Autoupdate turn off
    Remote access disable
    Sounds disable
    Named the C drive System
    Updated the Network Drivers

    Optimize services. A bit tricky. These were set to automatic:

    COM+ Event System
    Event Log
    Help and Support
    Network Connections
    Network Location Awareness (NLA)
    Plug and Play
    Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
    Shell Hardware Detection
    System Event Notification
    TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper
    Terminal Services
    Windows Audio
    Windows Management Instrumentation

    These disabled:
    Human Interface and Device access
    Routing and Remote access
    SSDP Discovery Service

    Rest Manual...

    set CDROM Auto insert off for all file types
    Enable network sharing of a folder Network I/O
    At RUN line type diskperf -N or type cmd then in shell do same

    In registry, under the local machine current control set/control/ session manager/memory management.
    ADD: IOPageLockLimit DWORD 131072 decimal

    this is = to 2048meg * 16
    I also tried 65536 with the same results
    And tried tonight 262144 with same results
    (128 * 2048)
    Disable write behind caching on all drives

    Setup default folder settings and apply against all folders

    Disabled trashcans except for my C (system) and E (personal Data). Swap (D) and Giga partitions (F-M) have disabled trashcans

    Install gigasampler

    Set to 158 note polyphony. dither disabled 48/24bit

    Move the swap to drive M temporarily
    Optimize drives C and D
    Install back the swap file to drive C and D

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    [This message has been edited by composer22 (edited 04-20-2002).]

    [This message has been edited by composer22 (edited 04-20-2002).]

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    Re: HELP! Error 5\'s that just don\'t go away in XP!

    Some additional technical information from Task manager on key process that seemed to change as I loaded the performance file:

    Name: GStudio.exe
    Mem Usage: 12884k
    Peak Mem Usage: 12956k
    Mem Delta: 0
    Page Faults: 4497
    Page Fault Delta: 0
    VM Size: 6156
    Paged Pool: 45
    Non Paged Pool: 8
    IO Reads: 26048
    IO Read Bytes: 12966773

    Name: msg32.exe
    (most active process while reading file)
    Mem Usage: 751832k
    Peak Mem Usage: 751832k
    Mem Delta: 0
    Page Faults: 187786
    Page Fault Delta: 0
    VM Size: 750124k
    Paged Pool: 16k
    Non Paged Pool: 263k
    IO Reads: 1,925,400
    IO Read Bytes: 666,006,763

    Name: lsass.exe
    (LSA Shell Export Version)
    Mem Usage: 920
    Peak Mem Usage: 4240
    Mem Delta: 0
    Page Faults: 1382
    Page Fault Delta: 0
    VM Size: 1652
    Paged Pool: 33
    Non Paged Pool: 5
    IO Reads: 2622 and rising
    IO Read Bytes: 453616

    Name: csrss.exe
    (Client Server Runtime Process)
    Mem Usage: 2628
    Peak Mem Usage: 2988
    Mem Delta: 0
    Page Faults: 1884
    Page Fault Delta: 0
    VM Size: 1300
    Paged Pool: 31
    Non Paged Pool: 4
    IO Reads: 2844
    IO Read Bytes: 154944

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    Re: HELP! Error 5\'s that just don\'t go away in XP!

    hi composer
    What is the error message exactly? Error ID
    5 can be a lot of different things, like an
    \'invalid pointer\' from COM+, a \'detected parity error\' or an \'access denied\' error.

    Looks like you got an enormous amount of
    page faults - how\'s your virtual memory
    settings? How does the memory usage look
    in the taskmanager?

    I don\'t have XP installed, but I do have a
    W2K, all though not with Giga running on
    that machine. I still use win98 for Giga.

    If the above makes it sound like I\'m some sort of windows wizard - its an illusion
    cause I\'m not - actually I don\'t know much
    about XP, but since nobody else seems too either I might as well try and help.


    p.s Some of the differences between W2K and XP is that XP supports 64-bit processers, has better scalability for multiprocessor servers and allows bigger device drivers.

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    Re: HELP! Error 5\'s that just don\'t go away in XP!

    oh , just to point out: The amount of page faults for Msg32 is not necessarily a problem.
    I believe that Gigastudio has its own
    administration of memory pages and maybe
    uses the page fault mechanism to initiate
    a system interrupt.


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    Re: HELP! Error 5\'s that just don\'t go away in XP!


    Error code 5 basically says I dont have enough memory to download another instrument. Basically, end of road...turn back now. When I reboot the machine it has to do a scan disk because of paging problems. I wish I knew exactly what was evoking the error # in their code and why.

    Im not sure about virtual page settings given the following parameters under XP, and I take it under win2000. I understand that Vcache that was under win98 is ignored under XP and 2000. Anyway, here are my memory settings. Im not sure which one I would have to monkey with? I modified the page lock limit but neither the default or my calculation works. I\'ve attempted to play with the non-paged parameter in previous attempts, as well as twiddled with the /3GB boot setting but it didnt help:

    ClearPageFileAtShutdown:0x00000000 (0)
    DisablePagingExecutive: 0x00000000 (0)
    LargeSystemCache: 0x00000000 (0)
    NonPagedPoolQuota: 0x00000000 (0)
    NonPagedPoolSize: 0x00000000 (0)
    PagedPoolQuota: 0x00000000 (0)
    PagedPoolSize: 0x00000000 (0)
    SecondLevelDataCache: 0x00000000 (0)
    SystemPages: 0x0001b000 (110592)
    PagingFiles: Unknown Data Type
    PhysicalAddressExtension: 0x00000000 (0)
    SessionViewSize: 0x00000030 (48)
    SessionPoolSize: 0x00000004 (4)
    IoPageLockLimit: 0x00020000 (131072)

    Memory looks fine under Taskmanager...shows only 55% physical memory used, while giga shows only 69% used.

    Im wondering if anyone using gigasampler can load instruments into more than 1 gig of memory? I have yet to see anyone who is.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Re: HELP! Error 5\'s that just don\'t go away in XP!

    Oh, It\'s a Gigastudio error code!
    I automatically assumed that it was an
    XP error code.
    I\'ll be back.


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    Re: HELP! Error 5\'s that just don\'t go away in XP!

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Sapkiller:
    Oh, It\'s a Gigastudio error code!
    I automatically assumed that it was an
    XP error code.
    I\'ll be back.


    Oh sapkiller I am sooo confused by all this STUFF!

    Ive installed about 100 times in every way. Played with all the settings, flipped memory chips around my system. I still dont have an answer.
    Recently I tried enabling systemcache and disablingpagingexecutive - no results. Upped my pagefile size to around 4 gig (2x memory)
    disabled quicksound.
    played around with IOPageLockLimit from 64K to (2048 * 128) MAX...
    Its like an API call is wrong in Giga or something when it calculates memory?

    error 0\'s sometimes when I load a performance file. If i quit giga and come back I dont get error 0\'s in giga anymore, but...

    Error 5\'s not enuf memory occur if I go over the 67-69% mark no matter what...

    If i quit and reboot right away, I need to go through scandisk on the way back in.

    Only thing I thought today was that I have FAT32 32k clusters on my giga hard drive, but I dont see how this would affect the calcuation of physical memory directly.

    I also though about moving to xp pro but dont believe I will see any diffs here either...

    im totally stumped...and TASCAM says they cant repro and that it should be able to read above the 1 gig mark.

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    Re: HELP! Error 5\'s that just don\'t go away in XP!

    hi currently not-so-much-Composer but more
    Computer troubled.

    This is a tough one, since we really need
    more tech info of the Gigastudio, than is
    available. Surely altering your clustersize
    wont help, neither will switching to XP pro.
    XP Pro differs from the home version, largely
    only in networking capabilities.

    I don\'t think increasing your pagefile will
    get you anywhere. Infact I\'ve totally switched of my virtual memory ( in Win98, mind you), because its rather useless on a
    Giga dedicated machine - what would you want to swap out to the disk from memory?
    However Microsoft does recommend having one and only one pagefile pr. physical drive.

    If something is going wrong with GS memory and/or diskbuffering system and the OS ditto,
    increasing the pagefile size will only
    make matters worse. - try instead to reduce
    it to near nothing. ( yes, I know MS recommends a size of about 1.5 gg RAM, but
    thats for normal use - its like with Win98
    virtual memory, MS also recommend a factor
    1.5 - 2, but for Giga its better with a small amount or none at all).

    The XP 32-bit version ( I assume this is
    the one you got - not the 64 bit version)
    has memory adress space of 4 Gb, but it
    divides this into 2 Gb of application space
    and 2 Gb of system space. IF you have a large amount of virtual memory, say 1 Gb, the XP will probably regard this as application space and since GS can\'t use this space, it needs physical memory, its left with 1 Gb.
    This would explain why the OS say\'s that there is still memory available (virtual memory), while the GS runs out.

    So try cutting your virtual memory to an
    absolut minimum , and see what happens.

    Surely I can understand your frustration -
    We\'re not into to Giga and music to be preoccupied with technical computer stuff -
    we\'re only in it for the music!


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    Re: HELP! Error 5\'s that just don\'t go away in XP!

    This is extremely helpful. I will try and cut down to around 2 gig tonight of virtual space and remove my other pagefile spread. My increase SEEMED to affect the percent by making it go down slightly, but I have never gone low. Ill experiment around with even lower settings and report back

    Yeah, the tascam folks arent very helpful. And i dont see how RAMBUS memory would affect the way they bytecount the memory...nor the idea of FAT32 clustering. Its gotta be something software related.

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    Re: HELP! Error 5\'s that just don\'t go away in XP!

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by composer22:
    I will try and cut down to around 2 gig tonight of virtual space and remove my other pagefile spread.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    eh, no - not around 2 Gig of virtual memory
    you\'ve got 2 Gigs of physical memory, so
    you really don\'t wanne use virtual memory -
    just set at 16Mb and enter this in both the
    min and max, so it remains fixed in size - otherwise the OS will just expand it, when
    GS uses up more and more of the physical memory.


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