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Topic: New to Kompakt... need recording advice

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    New to Kompakt... need recording advice

    Hello everyone,

    As some of you know, Im simply a hobbyist who does a few gigs on the side. Im about to pick up Kompakt for my new computer (running Win XP and an audigy zs sound card). The thing that concerns me though is recording, I used gigastudio on my old pc and simply would use the capture wav feature, then load the wav files into cool edit pro. It was all very easy and since I really hate using sequencing programs it was really wonderful. I know that Kompakt has no wav capture feature. So... is there a way I can use kompakt and cool edit pro that is relatively easy without having to go through a sequencer? If I must go through a sequencer, can I use Cakewalk Express (which is what I used to use giga with)? Overall, I just need to know how to record when I play .gigs through kompakt. I have become very frustrated with the KX drivers and have been wanting to switch to a new sampler that plays .gigs anyway. Thanks in advacne!


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    Re: New to Kompakt... need recording advice


    Ive just replied to the other post aswell...

    You need to break down a few things. Sort of look at the steps to getting where you want to go.

    You said that you have just got another computer and you are using gigastudio and cooledit. with cakewalk express thrown in for use as a basic sequencer.

    You dont have a small mountain of cash to spare, and you need this machine up and running sharpish.

    Ok. First. Have a little think about what makes up your normal recording package... and see if you can make improvements. Ive mentioned before about getting another card to use. This would really make the basis for a good music pc.

    You say that you dont like sequencers. Well thats ok if thats how you want to work. You can still use cooledit to record whatever is being played on the machine. Just makes like a little harder if you want to record many tracks at once.

    To be honest you could use the new computer the same way as you used the older machine. It would just be a lot quicker. (I would hope)

    You can alter software and add bits as and when you get the cash. Or that burning desire to just spend money on new gear takes over. (credit cards quiver!!)

    The only change i would suggest you do make is to the sound card. And i mean no offence to the live. This will give you a point to work from. You can always get Kompakt or Kontakt later.

    I wouldnt throw the audigy out though. Its got a mean soundfont editor package. You can use it to create sound fonts and then convert them to gig files to use in gigastudio.

    If you can, give us a list of your gear and a rough idea of your aims.. Im sure we can give you tonnes of ideas.

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    Re: New to Kompakt... need recording advice

    Thanks man. I\'ve actually got several more slots open in this pc for another sound card (so room isnt an issue either). Is it possible to switch between the cards as I do use this PC for multiple things and not just music (as Im sure alot of you do as well). Could I use the Audiophile card to play giga then link it into the line in jack of the other card and use my audigy for recording? Or am I stuck using one card?


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    Re: New to Kompakt... need recording advice


    you can use both cards for music creation. As installing another audio card wont hurt windows.

    You should be able to loop the outputs from the new card to the old one. just let cooledit record from the audigys line in and record away.

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    Re: New to Kompakt... need recording advice

    Just got an Audiophile 2496 card and it works like a charm. I may go out today and pick up Kompakt at the very least as Gigastudio is starting to get on my nerves. How good is the on board reverb within Kompakt? Giga keeps restarting my computer at the strangest times, very odd.


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    Re: New to Kompakt... need recording advice

    I\'ve got the same questions as you do, Rich, since I\'m in pretty much the same situation card-wise. (I\'d like to be able to record with the 2496 in 24 bit, but add verb using Audigy. Maybe that\'s a tall order. We\'ll see!)I wonder whether Kompakt will do the trick, or whether you\'ll need Kontakt in the end?


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    Re: New to Kompakt... need recording advice

    Do yourself a favor and pick up Kompakt man... it really is simply incredible and fairly easy to pick up and use if you\'re familiar with software sampling. And with a price tag of around $170 you really cant go wrong. On top of that, about 75 - 80% of the samples it comes with are VERY usable (namely the atmosphere / fx and bass assortment). Ive got my audiophile card working directly with Kompakt (which is a cinch to set up) then have that card running directly into my audigy card via the \"line in\" port. Not only can you use audigy\'s reverb, but you can record in real time using cool edit pro (or any other wav recording multitrack editor), which is very nice for those of us that simply dont like to use a sequencer. I just like the fulfillment of playing everything by hand, and it\'s alot easier in my opinion to play the instruments rather than sequence them. But all in all, Kompakt definately does the trick, it just doesnt have all the tweaking abilities that Kontakt has (which I probably wouldnt use anyhow). The reverb is decent, and the ability to control instrument attacks is also a VERY nice feature within kompakt to get that more realistic feel. Also, I have a ton of giga sample cd\'s which so far have uploaded flawlessly into the interface with little to no tweaking involved. So as I said, go and pick it up, you wont be dissapointed.


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    Re: New to Kompakt... need recording advice

    That\'s real useful info, Rich, practically a Christmas pres, actually! I\'m thinking, now, that running something like the 24 bit pmi bos with Kompakt, and doing it flawlessly no matter how many notes, pedalling etc, I\'ll need quite a bit of memory, right? Any experience with that? I\'m thinking 512X4, probably requiring windows xp (home edition) for stability?


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    Re: New to Kompakt... need recording advice


    I run Win XP and 1 Gig of ram with a P4 2.8 and Kompakt runs great! As I said though, I dont sequence, I just record each instrument in real time, so it may run a bit different for you.


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    Re: New to Kompakt... need recording advice

    Actually, if you use the pedal, live piano is probably as hard if not harder on the cpu and mem than midi, where you can control more variables. I think xp is a must if you\'re using over a gig of mem.


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