Hi all
My PC MIDI INs suddenly died.
I own an Opcode 64XTC, 4 INs, dedicated PC/Giga, w98se (using the normal tweak in 98se to \"authorize\" the XTC).
I can see the MIDI messages still showing in the Opcode PC software test, I even can see the MIDI indicators blinking red on Giga, but nothing is playing !
It worked fine until yesterday, I haven\'t installed anything new...
As a mac dude I\'m not experienced enough with PC\'s, maybe you guys can help on this?
The 64XTC is plugged on COM2/irq3 as usual, GS V.2.48, and the PC seems to be configured OK. I reinstalled the whole thing 3 times, same results...
I tried the seq (Mac/MT4) outs in the Audiophile\'s PC MIDI in, worked fine. Weird again.
Can the 64XTC send \"partial\" MIDI messages in GS?
Did I missed something? (except english lessons?)