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Topic: msg32.exe & Outlook

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    msg32.exe & Outlook

    If I don't run msg32.exe, GS3 flickers and won't run correctly. If I run msg32.exe, then Outlook won't open. I hope TASCAM fixes the Outlook issue, which is known I understand. That is a pretty bad interaction to not fix with a patch.

    I wonder if the issue is crypserv.exe? I notice this service is running, and I'm guessing it was installed with GS3? If so, will it be removed when you register? I think it has something to do with limiting the program from working beyond 10 days, until registered. ??

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    Re: msg32.exe & Outlook

    msg32.exe is where gigastudio loads the buffers. So you have to have it on. I would recommend Mozilla Thunderbird instead of Outlook. www.mozilla.org
    its free (and better IMHO).


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    Re: msg32.exe & Outlook

    Thx for that, but I have so much in Outlook, and know it so well for business & pleasure I do not wish to switch. Thanks again for the info.

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    Re: msg32.exe & Outlook

    If you open Giga, then turn off audio processing, does Outlook open? That would be a pretty simple workaround.


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    Re: msg32.exe & Outlook

    I'm curious why this is a major concern? Do people actually read email while working with Gigastudio or does Outlook always run in the background?
    If it's the first then I think the solution is simple.

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    Re: msg32.exe & Outlook

    It's a big deal because I like to keep conflicts down to zero when possible. I have many many programs on my machine, and when a new one comes along and disrupts other programs I use every day multiple times, it becomes an issue. I'm glad there are work arounds, but seriously, that is a pretty fundamental bug.

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