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Topic: God I hate HTML...

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    God I hate HTML...

    I just had to get that out. &&$%#%@^#&#^@& <= to inappropriate too type. I hate HTML!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or maybe I just suck at it.

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    Re: God I hate HTML...

    Try this link:


    Check out the primers. Better yet, get the book. (However, the book's contents are on this site - nifty, huh?)

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    Re: God I hate HTML...

    I also hate HTML! If you're willing to invest money in it, an HTML editor can be pretty darn helpful. I don't know much about HTML, but with an HTML editor you can just type, format, drag and drop images, and not have to worry about nasty HTML code.

    I think Microsoft Word will also save documents as HTML files if you tell it too. It's a pretty handy feature. HTML is can be confusing, especially with colors (with those silly hexadecimal values, like F4D312) and with getting the paragraphs formatted right with images.

    I guess some HTML knowledge can be handy, but I'm sure most professional web developers use some kind of web development tool, and don't script entire websites with HTML.

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    Re: God I hate HTML...

    Quote Originally Posted by Joseph Burrell
    I just had to get that out. &&$%#%@^#&#^@& <= to inappropriate too type. I hate HTML!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or maybe I just suck at it.
    Any specific reason why you hate it? tho I admit she's a tough one to love... just spend three sleepless nights killing the infamous "png" format transparency bug in IE

    but kill the bug I did

    cheers Matt

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    Re: God I hate HTML...

    God I hate HTML... I used to code it 8 hours a day, 5 days a week for 7 years....

    Imagine what I think of it!

    Seriously though, if you are stuck on a problem I might be able to help. Im already Gary's unofficial "code fixer"

    Either PM me or post your problem here. (Thats assuming you have a specific issue, perhaps you're just fed up!)
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    Re: God I hate HTML...

    Just generally fed up I guess. Java is killing me. I hate script writing. It's a lot of effort for a little gain (at least for someone with my limited experience.) Tough work. I admire you folks that whip this stuff up like its nothing.

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    Wink Re: God I hate HTML...

    I used to code a great deal of HTML, JavaScript, the normal stuff. Compared to C it was a complete pain in the bum. Inconsistant, unreliable (bug in IE but not Netscape, etc.) it drove me nuts. Then came Java, that was supposed to be easier than C++, more streamlined, better architected. Blah! What a crock! That was the point where I said that I was done with programming. I moved on and have not looked back.


    P.S. Ok, I'm guilty of playing with Flash now. I picked up a demo and it is fun scripting things. However, I can't even draw a stick man, so 98% of its potential is lost on me.
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    Re: God I hate HTML...

    Yeah, why sweat it when you can get something like Front Page or Site Spinner (true WYSIWYG)? Yes, MSWord can also do web pages, but it gives you a terrible muck of source code.
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