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Topic: Modulation Bug ?

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    Modulation Bug ?

    Hi !

    There is a mod wheel amount of exactly \"12\" in the sliders box which is sent to all channels every time when instruments are loaded. Is this a bug or what? I\'m wondering nobody is reporting about this. With my sequencer I have to send on each channel: mod=0, otherwise my music sounds kind of strange.

    greetings Hugbald (Berlin)

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    Re: Modulation Bug ?

    Chadwick reported this already at the Tascam GS forum.

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    Re: Modulation Bug ?

    A bug that\'s been with GS from the GigaSampler days. Dunno how hard it can really be to fix this.... Embarrassing for Nemesys for sure.

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    Re: Modulation Bug ?

    I\'ve noticed that too, but since I almost
    always use \'Reset controllers\' in the sequencer its not a big problem.


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