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Topic: GigaStudio 32

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    GigaStudio 32

    I\'m a GigaSampler LE user and I\'m thinking about upgrading to GigaStudio 32.
    Is this realy worth it, I mean a enhanced version of GigaSampler LE is always a good thing. Then again since it says GigaStudio \"32\" does it mean there is a max poly of 32 voices, GigaSampler LE has a max poly of 48 voices, then a \"upgrade\" will become a \"downgrade\", not so very populare.

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    Re: GigaStudio 32

    Thats right. Its a polyphony downgrade. Dont mess with GS32 - either hold your cards and enjoy GSLite or move to GS96...in my humble opinion. (Look close and you\'ll see theres also no GigaPiano with GS 32 either. Its basically just a teaser-demo product.)

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