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Topic: Where is the Registraition Key?

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    Question Where is the Registraition Key?

    My IT guy opened the box and did the install on my computer. Now it's time to register it and he doesn't know where the key is printed. It's not on the CD's or on the Case. Where should it be?

    thanks for helping with a terribly stupid question.


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    Re: Where is the Registraition Key?

    Apparently we upgraders didn't get the reg keys in our boxes. They are to be e-mailed. Or, you can call Tascam for the info. We have ten days before needing to register, so I'm just waiting for the e-mail to arrive.


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    Re: Where is the Registraition Key?

    If this is a retail version, it should be printed on the CD case. If it's a competitive upgrade/educational version, you enter the coupon code in the box on our website to get your CD key through email. If you ordered the upgrade version through us, your CD Key should be emailed to you. If that didn't happen, call 323-278-8584 and let them know you need a CD Key.

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    Re: Where is the Registraition Key?

    I called today when I got mine and was given the key over the phone.

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    Re: Where is the Registraition Key?

    Thanks for the info!

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    Re: Where is the Registraition Key?

    Mr. Synthetic:

    I know you will understand that we in Canada also are siting on needles waiting for GS3. I ordered through the phone my upgrade back in May. I was told by Thomas that I will receive an e-mail when it will ship. You have said to someone yesterday that they are late sending these out, but will catch up by the afternoon.
    (Tears running down my face) I did not get a word yet when many people have the box allready!
    Should I just wipe my face and wait or should I start worrying that they missed my order?


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    Re: Where is the Registraition Key?

    Thomas is swamped. He's busier than a one-armed paper hanger. Please excuse him if you haven't gotten your email yet.

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    Re: Where is the Registraition Key?

    ...or the one-legged man in the @ss kickin' contest.

    I hope Thomas grows his limbs back soon.


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    Re: Where is the Registraition Key?

    I'm curious about the "slash" in the "Competitive Upgrade/Educational Version".

    Are there any surprises "slash" limitations that we need to know about?

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