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Topic: GSIF vs. ASIO and Win XP

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    GSIF vs. ASIO and Win XP

    Can someone give me an idea about the importance of running GSIF vs. ASIO under Win XP. I\'m looking at the purchase of an RME DIGI96/8, but found out last week that the driver does not support GSIF.

    How important is the GSIF driver? My understanding is that it\'s designed for lower latency. Does someone have numbers for what can be achieved with ASIO and GSIF for comparison?

    My intended application will be GSt96 or 160 running under Win XP by itself as a MIDI device. My sequencer will reside on a separate machine.


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    Re: GSIF vs. ASIO and Win XP

    To run GigaStudio under XP/2k, you MUST have a GSIF card.

    Even under Win98, GSt doesn\'t use an ASIO driver.

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