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Topic: solo strings

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    solo strings

    A comparison demo for VSL Horizon Solo violin and AO solo violin, part of a Romance: the original version, with AO Solo at my soundclick page {choose the "Romance" song} and a new version of part of it at a personal web page {choose the Romance mp3 } .

    A score sample is with the latter page. I think the VSL is much prettier sound, though I have less experience in modifying that sound so maybe it merges with the music less well?


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    Re: solo strings

    sorry, non of your links work!

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    Re: solo strings

    Very sorry! The first was a misspelling, the second is unreliable.

    [edit] Just checked the links in the first message --both now work for me.

    The soundclick site now has both recordings:


    And the verizon site has the newer



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    Re: solo strings

    What´s happened to the VSL legato???
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    Re: solo strings

    Your links don't work. They are either locked or page not found. Sorry I made the effort.

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