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Topic: Vienna Giga Symphony & Memory

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    Vienna Giga Symphony & Memory

    I loaded up every last articulation of VGS... and it consumes only 44% of memory, according to the Giga-meter. And this is the 24-bit stuff. I didn't bother with the 16-bit looped, but I did include both the solo and ensemble versions of the horn, trumpet and trombone. My system has 1.5GB.

    The wild thing is that GS2.5 used to eat kernel memory. Tascam must have done some magic. They're using application memory for the sample heads - or fooling the system into thinking that's the case.

    Here are my numbers:

    Commit Charge (K)
    - Total 743,620
    - Limit 1,502,748
    - Peak 745,688

    Physical Memory (K)
    - Total 1,572,384
    - Available 571,824
    - System Cache 618,004

    Kernel Memory (K)
    - Total 36,004
    - Paged 21,624
    - Non paged 14,380

    Cue up Beethoven's 9th and sing along with the chorus! We got RAM people! We're talkin' a fully seated, 24-bit (lite) orchestra on a single PC with oodles of room to spare!


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    Re: Vienna Giga Symphony & Memory

    Awww! Now you've made me dribble on my keyboard.
    David Carter (DaveTubaKing)

    Intel 8 Core i7 975 Extreme Edition 3.33GHz, Corsair 12GB (6x2GB) DDR3 1333MHz , Sibelius 6.1, Symphonic cube, MIR, Vienna Choir


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    Re: Vienna Giga Symphony & Memory

    Does the VSL content teases us with one or more Performance patches? Or is it all straight stuff?

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    Re: Vienna Giga Symphony & Memory

    I don't think it has any performance patches but you can get Opus 1 (with most of what you'll ever want) for $1000.

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    Re: Vienna Giga Symphony & Memory


    According to the tascam site there are a few legato- and performance based instruments included:
    Viola ensemble legato, VSL Clarinet Legato (IMHO one of the best legato winds), Bas Ensemble Alternation, Horn Ensemble Repitition and E Guitar Repetition

    Not a bad deal alltogether I think

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    Re: Vienna Giga Symphony & Memory

    I checked out the legato violas and clarinet last night. They are limited to an octave, but they sound wicked good.


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    Re: Vienna Giga Symphony & Memory

    Quote Originally Posted by JonFairhurst
    I checked out the legato violas and clarinet last night. They are limited to an octave, but they sound wicked good.

    You mean there's only one octave of range, or the legato effect is limited to one octave? If the latter, that's the design even in the full package (otherwise, the sample-count would be through the ceiling as you multiply it over the entire VSL).

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    Re: Vienna Giga Symphony & Memory

    Yeah right, you can't perform in a "legato" way in more than one octave, that means you can't have that legato effect if you perform a C2 and just after a D3.
    I think it's because :

    -recording time (24 intervals for one key)


    -Gigastudio format limitation

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    Re: Vienna Giga Symphony & Memory

    The legato clarinet and violas have no notes outside of the one octave range - legato or otherwise. It's really a demo, rather than a full patch - but if you constrain your composition, it's still useful. Heck, one octave was about all that Billie Holliday needed.


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    Re: Vienna Giga Symphony & Memory

    Well these numbers don't really tell me much. As is known from the Giga memory tweak threads, there was a pretty definitive limit Giga 2.54 would hit depending on the amount of ram which you can read in the task manager. So I'd suggest loading up a lot until it loads no more and then tell us how much Giga 3 is actually using in total.

    Also, can you verify or not wether one can set the size of the sample headers somewhere? It's rather absurd that we have no real answer to these questions yet after all these weeks, only conflicting information. It should be real easy to tell wether Giga 3 will load more or not.

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