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Topic: Kontakt in Standalone w/ Logic (Mac)

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    Kontakt in Standalone w/ Logic (Mac)

    Hey Forum Cats:

    Sorry if this is a bonehead question, but I\'d like to know if anyone out there is doing this, or if it\'s even possible: Is it possible to run a standalone Kontact and have it be triggered by Logic (With v. 1.5 on a Mac osX). I know that you can use Kon as an Audio Unit within Logic, but I\'d like to use Kon. the same way I use Reason: I load Reason and it sits happily in the background and behaves like a piece of MIDI gear. I\'m looking for a way to avoid long load times when I switch songs. Thanks.


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    Re: Kontakt in Standalone w/ Logic (Mac)

    For that to happen, you would need a router to get MIDI from Logic to Kontakt....a la Maple or Midiyoke on the PC. OS9 has the OMS iac bus for that, but I\'m not sure if there\'s such a thing for OSX. This might cause some latency, but you might want to try patching MIDI via your physical interface. Out one port, back in another, routed to Kontakt. Another possible problem.....does your audio card support two programs accessing it simultaneously? It\'s possible in Windows, but I couldn\'t get it to happen in OS9 and I\'m not sure about OSX. If Kontakt is not used as a plug, then it would be considered a separate app.

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    Re: Kontakt in Standalone w/ Logic (Mac)

    You can probably do that with MIDI Patchbay here...
    or MIDI Pipe here
    I\'ve used both for similar tasks so it should work.

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    Re: Kontakt in Standalone w/ Logic (Mac)

    Thanks guys. Haven\'t been back here for a few days. Actually, the IAC bus (from os9) has returned in 10.3 and I kind-a-sorta got this working late one night. MIDI was getting from Logic to Kontakt, but it was far from usable. Didn\'t have any time to sus it out; hopefully soon.


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