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Topic: GIGASTUDIO v2.2, doesn't work!

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    GIGASTUDIO v2.2, doesn\'t work!

    I have tried to install gigastudio v2.2 into windows xp and 2000. After instaling the drivers and rebooting, the software won\'t install.... why? Anyone got some ideas?

    I\'ve tried just about everything. Also I can\'t download the 2.5 software cause I can\'t get the code. becasue you have to have install the software to get the code....

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    Re: GIGASTUDIO v2.2, doesn\'t work!

    2.2 is not compatible with WinXP/2k.

    You\'ll need to get in touch with customer service for help obtaining a download code.

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    Re: GIGASTUDIO v2.2, doesn\'t work!

    Yeah, I\'ll have to do that. But it\'s kind of annoying since I only bought gigastudio about 1 week ago. That\'s the price for living in Australia.

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