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Topic: Newbie makes music with GPO

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    Newbie makes music with GPO

    Ok, I wanted to share what I could do with GPO "out of the box" as a total newbie who never used MIDI or sequencers or samplers before. I had some old music pieces I had written when studying theory in high school, and finally got to hear what they sounded like (beyond picking them out on the piano)!

    And I discovered, for example, that what I thought was a string quartet sounded much better with woodwinds and harp, and that another, slow quartet had a completely different character when sped up and placed on harpsichord!

    Yes, I know more can be done to make the orchestrations sound more realistic, but this is what could be done in an evening by the amateur.

    There are 4 mp3s at: http://www.stockbob.com/music

    Give them a listen, won't you?

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    Re: Newbie makes music with GPO

    Opus 1 is pretty damn good to come from an amatuer. Have a soggy day.

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    Re: Newbie makes music with GPO

    Nice stuff?

    Nice Soggy titles on your website especially the Soggy Schmegma. Sort of reminds me of my old bands name - Amgems.

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    Re: Newbie makes music with GPO

    I liked Opus 1 especially when it swithed to plucked bass.
    I enjoyed where "For Leanne" took me.
    Wow, I think I liked Opus 1 Baroque better!
    "An Elegy.." I liked this, especially the last part. I felt like the first 23 seconds kinda were a trip to nowhere, but after that, a nice trip indeed. So why did you let that one end in a minor but "Opus 1" in a major? Just curious to know, cause I don't know squat about making musical decisions. It's great you can pull something out you wrote so long ago and "perform" it now. I'm envious of your (if even limited) high school studies, it would be nice to have been exposed to that in high school.
    As they say, "let's have some more"! Good job.


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    Re: Newbie makes music with GPO

    Thanks all for your feedback! To answer some questions, actually I was taking private lessons in theory while of high-school age is what I meant.

    I wrote "For Leanne" to try to win over a girl who played piano. It expressed how I was feeling at the time. It didn't work... :-(

    Then 2 years later there was a state-level contest that included music composition, with a specific theme of "I have a dream". I didn't have a dream, but I DID have "For Leanne", so I took some of those measures and reworked them into "Opus 1". To tie it into the required theme, I had to explain that the minor key represented the yearning for freedom under oppression, and then I figured I better do the "tierce de piccardy" (sp?) at the end to modulate to major to represent the hope for the future or something... :-) If not for that, it would have stayed in minor!

    And it won 2nd place in Pennsylvania! Woo-hoo!

    I was able to use that fact in my application to win an award at our school, which was a $300 memorial scholarship prize in honor of a former student who was into music and science and who had died in an accident on an archaeological dig, and I won!

    So in gratitude, I wrote "An Elegy..." for his parents. They wrote they had it recorded (probably on piano) but I was too self-conscious and disturbed by the whole thing that I never asked for a copy. It stayed in minor for obvious reasons.

    I know what you mean about it not going anywhere for a while, that was sort of my intent for no particular reason. I wanted to try an experiment, where the chord pattern was all power cadences so the song would sound like it would be ending every few measures, but that at least one voice would keep in motion to sort of continually "start it up" again as pick-up notes, to create what I hoped would be an interesting effect. Eventually I had to end it, so it then fell into that other mode where it started to head to the inevitable end, as life hurtles to death.

    It seems like that was some other person who wrote those; I look at them and really have no idea how I came up with it. Maybe the Muse will come back now with GPO to excite me again!

    Thanks again for listening,
    (ps yeah Soggy Reality was quite fun and silly!)

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