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Topic: Recording GS with M-Audio 2496

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    Recording GS with M-Audio 2496

    New guy needs help. I have no trouble playing GigaSampler with Midiman Keystation (USB MIDI controller). I just started using an Audiophile 2496. But I can\'t figure out how to get the audio output from GS into any recording application, esp. Pro Tools Free. I can record external sources with the card using the hardware ins, but, trying every combination I can conceive of in the control panel for the card and in Pro Tools Free, I can\'t record any GS audio (or any soft sampler or synth, for that matter). I appreciate any help.

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    Re: Recording GS with M-Audio 2496

    Are you trying to do this on one machine? I\'m a PTLE user. One thing that Pro Tools doesn\'t support is direct connect, where you can just route this stuff directly to the application. I think to make this work on a single machine you\'d probably have to have two sound cards. Or you could record the GS audio to a wave file and then import it into Pro Tools as a new track.

    In my case, GSt and PTLE are on different PCs.


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    Re: Recording GS with M-Audio 2496

    Thanks so much for the heads up. Very helpful and will save me a bunch of frustration.

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