Still relatively new to GS96. Win98se PC with a TerraTec EWX 2496.

My system is running pretty smooth and fast. But I still get a persistent \"crackle sound\" as notes are played sometimes as I\'m sequencing. It happens maybe only one in ten working sessions but once it starts the crackling is persistent when notes are played (and gone when I release the key). Having done all the usual optimizations I just decided to try tweaking \"attenuation\" in GS as a possible fix when it came up again recently. Lo and behold - no more crackle when I change attenuation!

Does this help one of you GigaPros to recognize what the cause might be? When the crackles pop up I just go to attenuation and make ANY change - from -6 to -5db for example - it doesnt matter. I change this and the crackle is gone. This happens only once in a while but enough so Id like to try to fix the problem more permanently.

Thanks for any suggestions, LifeForce