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Topic: Classical Mockup

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    Classical Mockup

    Hi everyone,
    a short orchestra mockup I did this afternoon. I used a mixture of libs for this. Comments always welcome.


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    Red face Re: Classical Mockup

    I've known this forum more opinionated. What's happening?

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    Re: Classical Mockup

    I would love to hear this in a much larger setting especially the instruments following along behind the melody. The composition and scope of your idea is superb.

    As far as the midi mockup, the samples sound - like samples, and its very apparent to my ears on the strings as they let off. Perhaps more reverb and/or expression work (cc#11)? Which libraries did you use?

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    Re: Classical Mockup

    Thanks for the advise Frederick. I've just switched from logic to cubase and I use these mockups to practice with the software. I have Vsl perf. pro and cube 1st ed. That's what I use use mostly.

    I also did this one:


    and I retouched this one as well


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