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PUBLICITY >You can find all the latest news ESI released.
Click the title you would like to read.NO. AUG/30/200469New driver v.5.01 for Waveterminal 192X,L & MNew driver v.5.01 for Waveterminal 192X,L & M
You can download the driver on the download section of our website. Please contact our tech support if you have problems using this new driver.

1. Reduce ASIO Latency to 1:1 (in : out) from 2:2.
:For example, 256 sample latency was 10 ms,
but new driver takes 5 ms.
2. Add DirectWIRE 3.0
3. MME crash bug fix
4. Add "Clone 4-way from Out 1-2"
:launch Waveterminal console and choose ‘Clone 4way from out 1-2’
of option menu. It copy the signal of output 1,2 and send it to the
other outputs.