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Topic: Help!! w/ sample locations

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    Help!! w/ sample locations

    I just deleted a large library from my Gigasystem (for installation on a new one). If I optimize/defrag the audio drive, will Giga still be able to find the samples when I load a GigaSetup?

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    Re: Help!! w/ sample locations

    I\'m kind of unclear about what you mean.
    It sounds like you\'ve deleted the giga files, but want to load them anyway - which won\'t happen because they\'re deleted...

    Defragging only moves data around. It doesn\'t unerase - but there are utilities which will help unerase stuff if you haven\'t beed saving files since you did the library delete.

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    Re: Help!! w/ sample locations

    Undelete may work but not after defrag and you may loose revovery on some of them if you write additional files to that drive (such as a C: drive that has swap file dynamically allocated) once you defrag, youre hozed as the defrag will write over recoverable data areas.

    You may see files that you deleted already in giga...perhaps because QuickSound DBata base locator has not been updated

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    Re: Help!! w/ sample locations

    I want to be sure that programs that don\'t require the deleted .gigs will still be able to load the remaining .gigs even if the physical location has moved.

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    Re: Help!! w/ sample locations

    Of course.

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