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Topic: Jurassic Park

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    Jurassic Park

    Well, I gave up after trying to perfect this theme that I copied by ear from John Williams original soundtrack from the movie. There is so much stuff going on I can't believe it.
    There's timing issues and other things that I would love to fix, but this was just for fun.

    Jurassic Park

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    Re: Jurassic Park

    What the hell! There, someone actually got me to say it! WHAT THE HELL! Come on, the mix was great! The balance of the instrumentation was wonderful! No B.S. partner I loved this!!!!
    One question ... How's your ear?
    I'm sitting here thinking, what next? What insparation. Excellent job DPDan!

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    Re: Jurassic Park

    Wow, extremely well-done! I don't know how you managed to it by ear; it is astounding!

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    Re: Jurassic Park

    Wow amazing you did this by ear.... it's a fantastic effort, sounds really good to me.

    Only in the individual parts you can hear some flaws maybe, but I think you did a terific job !!!

    Quote Originally Posted by DPDAN
    btw, if someone can tell me how to abbreviate these links with a specific title that would be great, thanks everybody!

    Replace the ( ) with [ ] and you'll get: Strings


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    Re: Jurassic Park

    cool Ron, much better on the eyes Thanks

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    Re: Jurassic Park

    Amazing Dan....to do this by ear. I've never actually tried to do this myself but I'm almost certain that I couldn't when there are so many parts. Funny enough it was a movie which I always intended to see but never got around to it!

    Well done


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    Re: Jurassic Park

    Hi Frank, I listened to the soundtrack last night and it is absolutely amazing what John Williams comes up with. I actually heard some edits where they cut and pasted sections together But it is still an awesome sounding CD.
    Hope the rain goes away.

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    Re: Jurassic Park

    Great! It doesn't sound as "full" as the real thing, but it sounds like you got all the notes right, bravo!

    Hi Frank, I listened to the soundtrack last night and it is absolutely amazing what John Williams comes up with. I actually heard some edits where they cut and pasted sections together But is is still an awesome sounding CD.
    Aye...the end credits are a rip-off, it's just "Welcome to Jurassic Park," minus the first two minutes.

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    Re: Jurassic Park


    I'm completely in awe of your ability to do this by ear. What process do you use when doing something like this? Do work on small sections at a time? Or focus on single specific instruments. Have always had this ability or is it something you developed?


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    Re: Jurassic Park

    Hi Jeff, thank you for your compliment. Maybe you have read some of my other posts because quite often, I mention gifts/talents from God. I have no desire to deny any of that, but you have asked some very interesting questions that I have never been asked before. So here goes, please bear with me.
    First, I record the piece into a stereo audio track in Digital Performer so I have a reference in real time. Then I record the parts, from beginning to end, a phrase at a time from a Yamaha KX88 keyboard controller. I start by playing the 1st Violins' part as I hear it, which is usually pretty easy to do since it is the most predominant part of the string sound, and many times the melody. Then I go on to second violins for the next lower harmony, then on to violas and after that, cellos and basses. I come back around to the next section/s of the orchestra and listen to other instruments like flutes, clarinets, oboes, horns, and pick out the parts as I hear them, and continue recording notes/phrases. A ton of command "S" and "save as".... MAC baby!

    There is a lot of straining with eyes closed and listening very quietly, and sometimes in headphones for parts that are really hard to hear. I find that dimming the lights in the room and closing my eyes makes my hearing more keen. I think this is true for most of us. The percussion stuff is usually pretty easy, sorry Styxx

    After I think I have recorded most of the parts, I go back into each midi track and correct any timing and duration issues, then I use the overdub feature in DP for creating the dynamics. I use the mod wheel to record the proper amount of feeling that I think sounds good. When I do this, I DO NOT listen to the original. I use my own feeling for swelling the notes, that way, each individual instrument will have it's own modulation, but the timing of the swells will be pretty darn close to matching the other instruments because this timing came from my soul so to speak. After I have completed these tasks for all the tracks, I solo each individual midi/instrument track and listen along with the original CD track. Then I mute the original CD track and listen to all the tracks of "just me". I can then hear certain places where perhaps a chord is missing a note, (color) so I go back and try to imagine in my mind what instrument would typically play the missing note, and place that note in the appropriate midi track that has a musicological part that would make the most sense from a playing and/or arranging standpoint. (Thanks to Peter Schikle of PDG BACH for that word,,, musicological) Then I print all the audio sounds to separate tracks in DP and mix away.

    Back when I was a younger kid, notice I say younger, my Dad sang in a barbershop quartet, and still does, my Mom played piano and organ at church. I had the advantage of growing up in a family environment where music was everywhere, and lots of different types too. I am confident that listening to different types of music, caused my mind/ears to become very influenced by whatever was being played. I think knowing when to use modern chords and when not to is a big key to unbeatable arrangements. John Williams' music for example has such amazing chords, I love it!

    "doing it by ear" is indeed something that I have developed through the years but it all started with a blessing from the Man upstairs. I was the kid riding on his bike, trying to sing all four parts of a song at the same time, you know, arpegio, is that the right word? ha ha.

    My Mom was just at my home today listening to Jurassic Park and of course, you know Moms and Dads are very proud, she told me... "I just don't see how you can hear all that stuff going on at the same time."
    I realize now that this ability must not be too common, and for that reason, I am even more grateful to God. I have never considered myself a musician but I guess I will have to,.... now

    I think as we go through life, we get better at things we do. It is this experience with GPO and Digital Performer that has allowed me to sharpen my trade and realize just what I can do musicologically. It's not really fair to say that I have no training, because I did have piano for three months at the age of seven.

    I know the next thing that I should do, is to try to write something myself. I just have no desire because just about everything has been done with the notes that we have been given, but I know in my heart, that is just not true.
    I'm sorry this was so long, but to some it may be helpful, and I want to help make this planet a better place. I just watched some of the Olympics closing ceremony, and I could not get out of my mind this thought.... why can't we all just get along? Thanks again for your very humble and heartfelt compliment.

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