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Topic: Logic Audio Platinum 5.1 don't like GS!

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    Logic Audio Platinum 5.1 don\'t like GS!

    Logic Audio Platinum 5.1 sets a vcache setting of 16383 or something, wich results in sounds not loading properly (read at all), thus, you increase the vcache settings (I have 512 MB ram) and then if you load a sound into gigastudio, logic says that there\'s a ASIO overload and the system couldn\'t process all the data.

    That sucks since everytime you need to close the complaining window in logic, alternatively you can use Locics vcache settings but then large samples hang while loading.

    Sad since LAP is the overall winning Sequence software, sad it doesn\'t like GS.

    Am I doing something wrong?

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    Re: Logic Audio Platinum 5.1 don\'t like GS!

    Logic 5.1?

    I thought 5.0 was the brand new thing that they just barely released, atleast that\'s what the emagic site says, and that\'s what I have been planning on getting. I use LAP 4.8.1, and I\'ve had some headaches when giga polyphony exceeds 60, which causes LAP midi to freeze and stutter (btw, this is using both apps on the same machine - with audio disabled in LAP). I had high hopes for version 5 and was hoping vs 5.0 would work better with gigastudio.
    I too think that Logic is the best sequencer out there, and I\'ve been racking my brains trying to get the two to work well together. Does anyone else out there have some experience using Logic 5 and Giga? If so, how do they work together, and how do you configure them?

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    Re: Logic Audio Platinum 5.1 don\'t like GS!

    Isn\'t that a thing to ask emagic?

    Oh I guess they\'d say it\'s a mistake in GS\'s code.

    And now you know what tascam would be going to say…


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    Re: Logic Audio Platinum 5.1 don\'t like GS!

    Still I would mail them both. Logic 5.1 is the version that comes with the Logic control. There will be a 5.11 soon.

    Logic 5.0 / 5.1 still are very buggy. Emagic had a lot of time pressure getting them ready.

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    Re: Logic Audio Platinum 5.1 don\'t like GS!

    I just bought Logic 5 platinum yesterday and did my first steps. So far everything worked perfect but I did not try it with GS yet.

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    Re: Logic Audio Platinum 5.1 don\'t like GS!

    Most of Logic Platinum 5.0.1 works fine, except the score window. If I open it there is noting usable coming out there, text freezes and soemtimes turns transparent, everything but scores and strange duplication of lines and text. Ido not have
    GS installed. I just try to come along with LOGIC.

    Pentium 4 2.2 GHz
    512 MB Ram
    Layla 24
    GeForce 4 440MX
    2 Monitors
    120 GB Hard Disk


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    Re: Logic Audio Platinum 5.1 don\'t like GS!

    Everything works now. The problem was my graphic card Xstasy GeForce 4 MX 440. I had to get the newest drivers, install them
    and the Score Window of Logic 5.0.1 now works fine with two Monitors.


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    Re: Logic Audio Platinum 5.1 don\'t like GS!

    Maistro, didn\'t you have cash for a MAC?

    Works so much better in pro studio then ur system I would could it a waste of good money if you buy a PC like you have.A Mac is better in everything if it comes to Muzak.
    I\'m running GS 2.52 on A G3 thru Virtual PC IT WORKS BETTER THEN ON MY 1.7 GIG PC!!


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    Re: Logic Audio Platinum 5.1 don\'t like GS!

    Thanks for the hint. I use the PC for other aopplications too but I might consider to get a MAC down the road. I have no experience.

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    Re: Logic Audio Platinum 5.1 don\'t like GS!

    I\'m joining the queue for information about optimizing systems for GigaStudio and Logic on one machine too!
    The vCache setting that the Nemesys guys recommend for GigaStudio is 16000 - so there shouldn\'t be any conflict there between the two. However, I also get ASIO and MIDI sync problems when using both - but only sometimes. And I\'ve yet to spot an obvious pattern e.g. recorded a song last week with 10 audio tracks in Logic plus 20ish Giga instruments and 4 virtual synths (in Logic) - no problem. Today - 3 instruments in GS, 1 virtual synth in Logic and 3 audio tracks - falls over towards the end of the track - doh!
    Having said all that, I followed the recommendations in the optimization document from the Nemesys/Tascam website and things do generally run a lot smoother these days.

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