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Topic: How long needs registration?

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    How long needs registration?


    I just wanted to register my version of GigaStudio 96 (v2.00 !), especially to get v2.5 finally and avoid at least some of these annoying MIDI-freezes at startup...

    I tried both registrating via e-mail and directly on the nemesysmusic website this noon, but got no answer so long.

    Does anyone know, how long it takes approximately until I get an answer??


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    Re: How long needs registration?

    I dont know if this will work for you, but when I bought GS96 a month ago I filled in everything regarding registration during installation and got GS running. Then a message asking me to register kept popping up every time I opened GS. So I cancelled this and GS ran fine. Well, the message got annoying so I called Nemesys and they asked what my CD key number was. I read it to them right off the CD case and they said \"oh thats not YOUR CD key number\" (whatever that means) and they then emailed me a new one. I then registered AGAIN, through that message that was popping up, with this new number and everythings fine now. So you might call or email Nemesys cause apparently they issue you a unique number once theyve got your initial request for registration through the installation process. Thats what I know anyways.

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