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Topic: More convolution stuff

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    More convolution stuff

    Some more clips to demonstrate the GigaPulse convolution processor modeling of piano resonance. PMI EMPEROR samples were used for this.

    Here is a short clip with the convoluted sustain pedal model used to emulate the resonating non-struck strings. Rather stunning how the GP process works in the higher registers.

    Here is a low-mid chord clip where the sustain pedal is pressed and released while playing chords. Rather subtle as the GP process starts to take input signal when you press the pedal.

    But this effect is much clearer in this short example!!!!
    have a nice week-end
    Best regards,
    Michiel Post

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    Re: More convolution stuff

    Very interesting. The Emperor seems to have a very different flavour of resonance to the Gigapiano. (a Yamaha) I've compared the convolution method to the pedal-down samples of the demo version of the Emperor, and they sound very similar. So, the difference is not due to the convolution I don't think. I've also compared it to some Yamaha CFIII pedal-down samples from an old Prosonus sample CD, and the CFIII does sound very similar to the Gigapiano. I then played Worra's medium ambience Black Grand demo (a Steinway), and it sounds much closer to the Emperor!

    So, do Steinways simply have less pedal-down ambience than Yamahas, in the upper registers? It seems like that might be the case. The Yamahas are *oozing* with ambience - much more mid and low frequency content.
    Or, am I simply basing my opinions on far too little information?

    In any case, thanks, Michiel, for allowing us to scrutinise your work so closely before purchase - really appreciated. (same goes to Worra!)


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    Re: More convolution stuff

    I've just tried the close perspective Black Grand demo, and that does sound closer in overall character to the Gigapiano than the medium perspective. So, I guess the mic position may play a big part in this - I didn't think it would make quite as much difference as it seems to be. And with convolution, we can adjust the wet/dry mix (and EQ I suppose) anyway, of course.


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