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Topic: Help - export drums

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    Help - export drums

    Yesterday I purchased MusicBall game from GenieSys (www.genevoice.com).
    There is an example of drums party generation in this game. I created
    my own model and now I have the incredible drums. Nobody can create
    something like this manually. But it is the game :-( It plays my
    drums only. Tell me please - how can I drag this notes to sequencer
    to use it in my compositions?

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    Re: Help - export drums

    Hi. I went and looked at this. Looks like a bit of fun. Unfortunately, it doesn\'t seem to clearly state that it generates MIDI for the notes in the sequences. It does talk about having 16 tracks, and that each track can be assigned a MIDI timbre. It also requiires a GM MIDI card, so it seems like it might do it.

    If I was going to try and capture the MIDI info, I\'d try to find a way to route this game sound info to Windows Media Player, which can route everything MIDI to my MIDI interface. From there I would try recording the MIDI info in Pro Tools to see what I get. You might have to record multiple MIDI channels to pick up all the sounds.

    Sounds like fun. I need to look for a demo download.


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    Re: Help - export drums

    Thank you! It is really simple - I set MusicBall MIDI out to MIDI UART and connect MIDI in - out by cable.

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    Re: Help - export drums

    Great! Glad it worked!

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