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Topic: Hammond Samples?

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    Hammond Samples?

    I searched back for previous reviews but does anybody want to review some of the Hammond libraries out there? I've seen two. One is the B3 library from I think Sonic Implants (it's the one NorthernSounds has in their store). This has a variety of patches recorded off the leslie. Probably more what I really want.

    There's another one that actually records the individual drawbars recorded with the leslie motor off. This lets you actually set "virtual" drawbars though it would need some leslie effect later to add the tremelo.

    Any others? Any opinions?

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    Re: Hammond Samples?

    Must it be sample-based? The Native Instruments B4 (a model of the B3) seems to be pretty good. (my friend owns a real B3, and he's very impressed with the demos of the N.I B4 - normally this kind of thing doesn't impress him at all)
    He said that the main aspect which he feels is lacking in the N.I B4 is the keyclick - the click sound varies depending on when you play the note on the real thing, but he said that in the demos, it sounds like the key-click sound is always the same.



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    Re: Hammond Samples?

    I'll have to agree with Greg about the Native Instruments B4. It comes pretty close to the sound of a real Hammond B3.

    I was a real fool to have sold my Hammond C3 back in 1994 .... So, now... with my Native Instruments B4.... at least I feel a little better because I have a very close emulation of the real thing.

    Also.... Here's another NI "B4" product you may think about:


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    Re: Hammond Samples?

    I'm not much of a B3 purist, so I have NI's B4 and it is probably all I'll ever need. I think the sounds are pretty good and the average person hearing it buried in a mix will not notice the difference (IMHO). There is a review in the Sept issue of Electronic Musician of Charlie, the Plugsound organ. That is sampled. It got a decent review re: sound quality, but they noted it is not as tweakable as some others.

    Take Care

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    Re: Hammond Samples?

    Hey I was doing a project that needed hammond sounds
    and I posted on here but did not get much of a response.
    I ended up buying Charlie. Charlie kills the NI B4, much bigger
    sound not so synthy. Ya you may not be able to tweak Charlie
    as much as the B4 but I would rather have a good sound than
    be able to tweak. I know a lot of people are happy with their B4
    but you have to hear Charlie next to B4 to understand.
    Hope this helps!

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    Re: Hammond Samples?

    I'm not a B3 purist by any means (I wouldn't know one if it fell on me), but the Charlie demo recordings on their web site do sound great. But, I can hear a harsh clipping in many if not all of the demos - is that really the B3's own distortion? Sounds too harsh to me.


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    Re: Hammond Samples?

    FWIW, all versions of GS3 ship with a B3. It's sample-based, so it will have limitations, but it's pretty cool to get that in the bundle.



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    Re: Hammond Samples?

    I wrote:
    Quote Originally Posted by sullivang
    But, I can hear a harsh clipping in many if not all of the demos - is that really the B3's own distortion? Sounds too harsh to me.
    Yep - just simple overload in the synth (or in the recording process). Inspecting one of the offending Charlie recordings reveals a flat-topped signal at 0dB. (I've informed USB about this)


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    Re: Hammond Samples?

    Are you sure Charlie isn't able to sync the Leslie for appregiated chords?
    I *think* I can hear this working in http://www.usbsounds.com/audio/USB/charlie/Charl021.mp3
    but I can't be sure - what do you think?

    I guess Dave will be able to answer this easily because Dave actually has Charlie.........


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    Re: Hammond Samples?

    Quote Originally Posted by Lee Blaske
    The proof is in the pudding. Like any sample collection, if you're happy with the way it sounds and performs, you need look no further.

    Lee Blaske
    Well, of course - I was just interested to know whether in fact Charlie is able to sync the Leslie. It seemed highly unlikely to me (what you said made perfect sense) but after listening carefully, I'm wondering whether in fact USB have in fact managed to pull it off. If they have done this, though, I think they'd have mentioned it on their web site - would be a major selling point. So, I suspect it doesn't sync. I've emailed USB, anyway.


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