I\'ve got no sign of activity from the Port Lights just below the little Midi keyboard on the GS96 main screen. This is most odd because my keyboard and GS96 are working just fine together!

I\'m loading .gig instruments and playing them and sequencing them just fine. My sequencer is happy with the results, it captures them and plays back multiple tracks together just fine too.

I almost hesitate to ask, because its not causing a problem now. But as I get deeper into things (I\'m a newbie) this will have a function eventually (like for layering instruments). So I\'ve got a Terratec EWX2496 in my Win98se PC P3-550 256ram. My Midi keyboard (a Yamaha P80) is attached to the soundcards Midi-adapter (looks just like the old \"joystick\" port) with a simple Midi adapter cable and then two Midi cables to my keyboard. Any thoughts about why Port light \"1\" isn\'t showing activity when, in fact, the connection is working fine?

Many thanks, LifeForceExplorer