I get stuck notes enough for it to be a problem. I\'m intending on using GSt as a real time performing instrument, and can\'t cope with stuck notes. This may be due to my using an unusual midi controller which switches back and forth between odd and even numbered midi channels depending on the function it is doing... but I think the implementation is clean, and I never get stuck notes on hardware synths.

Whatever the reason for the problem, I\'m looking for a practical solution. I notice that reassigning the midi controller from my
Maudio 2496 to \"none\" stops the hung note. I can then switch back to my 2496 and continue. This isn\'t practical, of course, because the music has to stop during this procedure.

What would be very nice is a panic switch in Gst, that just sends notes off to everything. I haven\'t found any such thing, and I suppose Tascam wouldn\'t want to advertise this seeming instability in Gst by putting one in.

My second thought is to get some kind of midi device that can be programmed to send out a stream of note off messages. If I have a midi merger on the midi in to my 2496, then I could activate the panic function and merge the note off messages from this device with the input from my midi controller and turn off all notes this way. It\'s a bit stupid, but should work.

Can anyone think of another way of dealing with the stuck note problem, or suggest what may cause stuck notes in Gst.