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Topic: Giga with Echo Indigo IO? Tech support?

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    Giga with Echo Indigo IO? Tech support?

    I've been on various forums for the last couple of days getting increasingly uptight about giga and tascam tech support. So since I just got wind of this forum I should probably cool down and start over.

    I am trying to get Gigastudio 2.5(4) to run on Windows XP with an Echo Indigo I/O card. Per Tascam's website this is a GSIF/GSIF2 supported card. The system is a clean install w/ SP1 all the right hardware drivers.

    Giga launches, looks great, loads samples, but won't make a peep, even if you just mouseclick on the on-screen keyboard interface.

    Has anybody used the Indigo cards with Giga? Any luck? Any comments?

    Tech support has been (apologies but...) useless. They aren't responding to e-mails. Does anybody have a phone number or other recommendations?

    Many thanks in advance...

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    Re: Giga with Echo Indigo IO? Tech support?

    There are some little "MIDI port boxes" on the left side of Giga, just under the little keyboard icon. They don't happen to be gray, do they? If so, that's the problem. If your processor supports hyperthreading, turn it off in the bios. Check that your MIDI input/controller are working independent of Giga.

    There are others who have had the gray box problem who may be able to offer more info about what they did to solve it.


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    Re: Giga with Echo Indigo IO? Tech support?

    Interesting. Yes to the grey boxes. Yes to the multithreading. So Giga does not support multithreading? Kind of a drag to have to give any performance advantages by turning it off. Has Tascam alluded to a patch?

    As for MIDI functionality, should that matter when using the on-screen keyboard. If so, they really shot themselves in the foot where they might have had a good troubleshooting tool (ie an interface that would let you test your system independent of MIDI functionality.) However my MIDI IO is working fine in Sonar, as is the Indigo.

    P.S. Thank you! First solid response to this symptom I've heard.

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    Re: Giga with Echo Indigo IO? Tech support?

    They support multi-threading, just not Intel's Hyper-threading. No patch available. Even GS3 won't support HT. Much of Giga is written in the kernel (where the drivers live), so this may drive their HT decision. Still, it would be nice if you could leave it on for other applications on the box. HT is like a fake dual processor - I don't think it would accellerate Giga, since Giga is already super-optimized.

    Glad to be of assistance.


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    Re: Giga with Echo Indigo IO? Tech support?

    Well I just got a call from Tascam! Don't know if this is coincidence or whether my griping on line caught someone's attention. Either way credit where due - support was polite and helpful once I had a real person on the phone.

    Re hyperthreading, mainly concerned about Sonar performance as this is not a dedicated machine.

    Thanks again, will keep you posted as far as an actual fix is concerned.

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    Re: Giga with Echo Indigo IO? Tech support?

    Well, here's the update. I remain hosed, big surprise. But now I get to hate Alienware instead of Tascam (or what the hell, why not hate both.) There's no way to disable hyperthreading on this laptop short of writing my own BIOS. Guess I spent my last $3K in the wrong direction. Feeling like the luckiest man in the world about now...

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    Re: Giga with Echo Indigo IO? Tech support?

    Ack! That's the first time I've heard of a BIOS that locks you into HT. The only solution that comes to mind is to buy a processor that doesn't support HT. It might work. Of course, Intel has been putting HT in everything these days, so the only non HT processor would be much slower. Then again, it would be cheap and run cool.

    I can only imagine your frustration right now...


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    Re: Giga with Echo Indigo IO? Tech support?

    I've been in the same situation for over a year now. I can disable hyperthreading in the bios, but the computer won't completely boot up.

    However, I was one of the first people who thought this might be related to hyperthreading, and as I watched for other people with the same symptom, I found that virtually all of them had Echo cards. My Indigo IO works fine with other software with HT on. And on another computer I have gotten Giga working fine with HT - a system which had a Delta Audiophile soundcard.

    I really think there's something with the Echo driver/Giga combination. So if you find another card that's suitable for your notebook and can give it a try, it might be worth your time.

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    Re: Giga with Echo Indigo IO? Tech support?

    I'm also waiting for the GSIF 2 drivers from Echo to see if it changes anything. A free solution would be great.

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    Re: Giga with Echo Indigo IO? Tech support?


    That's a very interesting observation and it might explain some difficulties I've had in the past. Are you the only person to have arrived at this conclusion? And have you shared this hypothesis with either Echo or Tascam, and if so, what has been their response?


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