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Topic: work for clarinet GPO / Finale

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    work for clarinet GPO / Finale


    Here is the link to a pièce I wrote for clarinet choir.
    this is just one movement of three.
    I use only Finale, and made the audio file with GPO studio new function (record to audio), but the sound is not loud enough (you might have to boost the level of your speakers).

    This piece is written for pupils, the 1st clarinet is the high level, and the 5th clarinet is played by pupils in first year !
    The bass is played by teachers.


    thanks you for your comments.

    Windows XP. P4.
    Full GPO and CoMB.
    Finale 2008 and Sonar 7 PE.

    Mostly writing music for concert Band.
    Publishing his own work.

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    Re: work for clarinet GPO / Finale

    Very nice, very melodic and whistful. Got nothing constructive to say really, I just like it.

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