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Topic: ADAT options

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    Question ADAT options

    i havn't gotten the kind of preformance from giga teleport that i expected.
    so i am considering a putting in a adat card for my 2nd giga computer.
    but my sequence daw a has a delta 1010 that only has 8 adat which is maxed from my giga 1 daw. which means i would have to get a 16 channel adat card for my sequnce daw or some kind of ADAT digital mixer or patch bay .
    are there any good options to get 16 plus channels into a 8 channel card?

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    Question Re: ADAT options

    This is a good question Mike!

    I am having exactly the same problem. I am using the MOTU 896 which is connected to my first GIGA Computer via ADAT.

    Giga Teleport didn't work for me as well...

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    Re: ADAT options

    yep ! i am looking at those RME solutions and the motu cards.lots of good cards there.
    also looking at this vsl 2020 from steinberg( i have cubase sx)
    the spending never stops- i am lucky this is'nt "a must do" asap
    i am going to finish the 2nd daw after i test the giga 3 (whenever) that happens

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