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Topic: So, where is GS3?

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    Question So, where is GS3?

    Did anybody see it already or we have been fooled by Tascam again?
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    Re: So, where is GS3?

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    Re: So, where is GS3?


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    Re: So, where is GS3?

    Ive seen an alpha version but everytime i say that they take me of the forum.

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    Re: So, where is GS3?

    I got mine days ago, I don't know what's wrong with your orders.

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    Re: So, where is GS3?

    OMG that's so funny.

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    Re: So, where is GS3?

    Sarcasm doesn't work on me. What's lost its humor is all these posts about Giga not being available yet. You'd think everyone formatted their hard drives and are sitting there with nothing to use.

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    Re: So, where is GS3?

    Well I just don't think there's anything funny about this situation at all.

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    Re: So, where is GS3? NEW DATE

    april 1st 2005

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    Re: So, where is GS3?

    Actually, Joseph, I did format my partition on my Giga machine!!! I can't get the darn 2.54 version to install now. It won't see the stupid Piano disc to register - I've tried 3 different discs and it still doesn't work. Tascam doesn't know why!! Pretty scary!

    I'm just hoping Giga 3 will install on this machine since it's just for Giga! Hopefully they got rid of the piano disc copy protection thing that has been nothing but problems.

    Luckily, Kontakt is working great on my main machine.

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