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Topic: File music soundtrack

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    File music soundtrack

    hmmm, it's unusual for me to post music on forum, but I want to hear more comment to make myself to having improvment, this is the song detail:

    Song Name: symphony number 1 - 1. Looking at the Dreaming Sky
    Composer: Thomas Graham Lau
    Contact: lkthomas@gmail.com
    Sample library: Sonic Implants String library, Project SAM Horn (far), Gigapiano (aka Yamaha Grand piano library ).
    Download Link: http://sml.dyndns.org/files/number1.mp3

    Please give me some comment about this song, Thanks

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    Re: File music soundtrack

    seems no one interested to this ?

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    Re: File music soundtrack

    The strings sound nice and warm!

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    Re: File music soundtrack

    Thanks, yes, a lot of people said that the string is very warm,
    any more comment ?

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    Re: File music soundtrack

    Well, I will not give a technical oppinion because I am now at home and my speakers here are really bad.
    I like the mood of your composition, its very introspective and imaginative, and this are strong qualities in my oppinion. For the first movement of a Symphony however, sounds like something is missing. Probably its only to short, if you develop the main theme into a longer movement the musical ideas will really grow and reach a higher ground.

    Go for it!!!

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    Re: File music soundtrack

    I guess I jumped the gun to listen to your music and did not realize you were writing a symphony. I hate to criticize because really who am I to judge your work but since you are asking for opinions I must say that this works needs more development of the theme, more variation and modulation. It is to repetitive, not that repetition is a bad thing as mainly all music is based on it. Now you've attacked a composition like a "Symphony". What do you define as a "Symphony"?

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    Re: File music soundtrack

    right, seems too short huh ? hehe, I am trying to expand it now, Thanks, anything else ?

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