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Topic: memory issue

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    memory issue

    This has probably been discussed before, but as I havn\'t found any topics on the subject here goes.

    Why does Gigastudio 2,5 take double the RAM on XP PRO OS then on any previous version on win 98??

    Ex when I load the bösendorfer piano on win 98 it takes up about 20% of the total memory, but on the XP system, with the same GIG file it takes up about 40+% of the total memory usage...

    What\'s up with that? Am I doing something wrong? or is it just that way?

    Even cubase and logic take up lot\'s more memory, that saying when the cpu is in idle mode and nothing has been loaded such as softsynths and plugs.

    This GIGA momory thing is realy bugging me, some clever suggestions would be apprechiated..

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    Re: memory issue

    How much memory do you have? The memorymeter in GS shows you how much of the AVAILABLE memory is used by samples. It is safe to say that Windows XP snags a great deal more RAM than Win98, and if you only have, say, 512mb RAM, the sample has then used 40% of the available RAM instead of 20% under Win98. I dont believe the samples take up more memory under XP than 98 unless Nemesys changed the prebuffer size.

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    Re: memory issue

    OK I get it, so if XP allready took 20% more RAM at boot, then the momory meter coresponds with the OS. In other words after loading the same GIG on the differente operating systems the the memory usage will be the same thereafter.

    I use 512MB DDR PC2100, with the ASUS A7M266 and motu 2408.

    The only issue here is that it is hard to find 512MB stick at a decent price, since PCI 133 is still cheaper. The Asus motherboard has only two memory slots that means I have pull out one of the momory modules and replace it with a 512MB, or even better - replace both. Problem it pains my wallet.

    I won\'t be going back to Win 98, ever in my life so the memory issue is still there.

    I\'ll have to do some experimenting on wheater this memory thing only has to do with XP grabing more of it then win 98, then it\'s fine. But d*mn I thougt that 512MB would be enough, especially that sales fool telling me that DDR is the only way to go.


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    Re: memory issue

    People with P4s and 2.5 have been experiencing a GUI glitch with Gigastudio, where it reports memory and CPU usage incorrectly. This should be fixed in a later revision.

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