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Topic: A Little Ditty

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    A Little Ditty

    An original ditty I wrote close to 2 years ago, but after all the maudlin pensive music it was time (for me at least) for something overall upbeat. Its a short piece: allegro-slow-kinetic.

    Oh, I updated the arrangement of the Superman Theme using the new Project Sam Solo Brass if anyone is curious. I think it sounds better, esp. after I did some tweaking. Anyhow, here is the link:



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    Re: A Little Ditty

    Thanks! I think I might expand that piece or something...I don't know though... it always just was what is was, y'know?

    Oh, I wonder if you got a chance to listen to Gymnopedie #3? What did you think? Yeah I am fishing for feedback I guess, sorry!


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