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Topic: Saving GPO Studio settings

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    Saving GPO Studio settings

    I'm having trouble with saving particular arrangements of patches. When I save, some of the patches come back in, but most don't. Usually, if one patch on a Kontakt player gets saved, they all do, but that's not necessarily always the case. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

    For instance, let's say that for a particular piece in player 2 I have bassoon ens 1 in slot 7 and contrabassoon 2 in slot 8. I save this. When I reopen the saved file on my next setting, player 2 is empty and I have to reload these instruments. Why? Bug or feature?

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    Re: Saving GPO Studio settings

    Not positive I understand your question, but generally you should save all the patches using GPO Studio's main menu, rather than saving each instance.

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    Re: Saving GPO Studio settings

    I think there was a problem mentioned before with the players not loading all the instruments properly if you didn't have something loaded into slot 1. This may or may not be what you mean. If not, I don't know. Mine has always loaded everything even in version 1.1 of Studio. Currently I'm using 1.2 but I haven't had any problems there either.

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    Re: Saving GPO Studio settings

    I did some testing and I think the bagman has it. I'll just have to remember to stick a placeholder patch into slot 1 every time even if it doesn't get used, and hope that's all that needs to be done.

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