When opening without the Host Studio, I can load an instrument, but as soon as I hit a note, I get a signature error message, and the program closes. I think it has to do with the location of "personalorchestraVST.exe" or ".dll" which was, during installation, loaded into an Ableton Live Lite whatever that came with my sound card.

Currently, a 19.1mb Garriton VST .dll file resides in 2 places: in the GPO program files and in the Cubasis (where I moved it from the Ableton.) Can anyone who knows about all this VST plug-in stuff give me a clue?

PS: When I opened the Studio, that program asked me to browse for the location of the Garriton VST, and after I did it worked fine. But I still can't open the the stand alone.


Michael (Quasar)