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Topic: Question For Jogn Fairhurst

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    Question For John Fairhurst

    Hi John,

    hope all is well by you.

    The director of this movie I'm scoring needs the orchestral parts written for live musicians. He wants the live orchestra to play the score along with a video clip of them. I told him to have them adlib the music but really wants the real time effect. What is the best way for me to extract the parts from Sonar Producer (have them printed) so that this doesn't become a tedious chore for me. My 10 week vacation is almost over and its back to lectures shortly.

    BTW, My Website was renamed - see below..

    Your friend,

    Alan Russell
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    Re: Question For Jogn Fairhurst

    Hi Alan,

    The best way would be to make a copy of your sequence, then quantize it, given that you likely played it in. You may need to play with the quantization parameters to get the best result. Then fix any remaining quantization problems with the mouse.

    I'm not sure how good Sonar's scoring is, but I wasn't too impressed with the scoring capabilities of CW7. Give it a try, it may do what you need.

    If Sonar isn't strong enough, just save the MIDI file and open it in Sibelius, Finale or some other scoring program. In Sibelius you then do the remaining editing (title, dynamics, tempo, details), format the page as needed and then Extract to Parts. In the end you get a separate score for each instrument.

    If you can tolerate some imprefection in formatting, you can crank this out pretty quickly. If you need it perfect, you can spend a lot of time nudging things around to suit your aesthetic sense - or you can spend a lot of time learning how to make a custom template. With your schedule, accept some imprefection.

    Best of luck with the project!


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    Re: Question For Jon Fairhurst


    appreciate the prompt response!

    regards friend..

    Alan Russell
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