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Topic: virtual keyboard

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    virtual keyboard


    It would be nice to have a velocity effect on the virtual keyboard in GigaStudio. I have seen a virtual keyboard (AWE V Bank)programmed by an austrian guy which even changed the colour with the itensity of the velocity depending on which region you hit the key with the mouse. From light red (top) to dark red (up). This must be the \"Art of Programming\", please correct me if I\'m wrong.
    This should not be a dramatic critic but maybe an issue for optimising Gigastudio.

    greetings Hugbald (Berlin)

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    Re: virtual keyboard

    Yes, I agree. I\'ve also had various pieces of software with the ability to simulate changes in velocity by varying the point at which the key is hit. In fact the key could act as if a continuous controller was being moved when you\'d \"scrub\" back and forth on the key. It would be a very good idea for gigastudio.

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