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Topic: Using Gigastudio's Aux Sends?

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    Using Gigastudio's Aux Sends?

    Excuse the noob question, but I'm trying to figure out the Aux Sends in Gigastudio. Basically all I want to do is apply 1 NFX reverb to all the patches I've loaded in Ports 1 - 4. Just something simple for quick demoing.

    Thanks for the help.

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    Talking Re: Using Gigastudio's Aux Sends?

    1. Click on the DSP tab to the left
    2. Click on the AUX BUSSES on the bottom
    3. Click on the top left EMPTY slot and select the NFX you wish to apply
    4. Click on the INPUTS tab at the bottom
    5. The number 1 AUX slider in each channel is now the amount of NFX applied
    So if you click the little down arrow in channel 1 AUX 1 and move the slider up, it applies more of the reverb to the channel....this allows you to apply to all channels with only one instance of CPU usage. You can add one amount to channel 4 and a different amount to channel 2, etc. I think it still applies the effect to channel 1 of all four ports, but I could be wrong.

    Hope that is what you were looking for,

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    Re: Using Gigastudio's Aux Sends?

    Bingo. Thanks a lot.

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