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Topic: OT: Question about playing "Fur Elise"

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    OT: Question about playing "Fur Elise"

    At a cetain part in the notation it shows the bass clef with a treble clef in it does that mean I would play ( I will use midi terms as a2 etc):

    Here is the example:
    HANDS using fingers (1) and (5) of each hand, all sixteenth notes and no rests:

    (5)e3, (5)e4, (1)e5
    (1)e5, (5)e6
    (5)e5, (1)e6
    (1)e6, (5)e7

    It is the easiest way I have found to play it I was just wondering if I was reading it right.

    Thanks in advance,

    Adam Frechette

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    Re: OT: Question about playing "Fur Elise"

    I prefer playing the first three notes 5, 1, 2. The 5, 5 thing doesn't work for me.


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    Re: OT: Question about playing "Fur Elise"

    You are reading correct.

    But i prefer to play like this:

    (5)e3, (1)e4

    (2) e5, (1)e5, (5) e6

    and then the same as you the rest.

    Or you could use (1) instead of (2) at e5 (right hand) but i usually try to avoid using the same finger on the same note twice in a row!

    Main thing is that it's comfortable and sounds good.

    EDIT: JohnFairhursts fingering is a good alternative too.

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