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Topic: Volume control of IAC bus in PT

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    Volume control of IAC bus in PT

    I am trying to control the volume of midi channels in PT5.1 with each midi track going through an IAC bus to an aux track with Kontakt and Direct Connect. (Mac OS9) The volume fader has no effect. If I choose Quicktime Musical Instruments, the volume fader works fine. Do I have to have each midi track sent to a separate aux input and control the volume at the aux?


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    Re: Volume control of IAC bus in PT

    The answer from Native Instruments is that you must teach each Kontakt instrument to repond to midi volume (cc7) info.
    \"You could control the volume knob in each instruments amplifier module by e.g. CC7. Thus you can change the volume of each instrument by moving the fader of the relating Pro Tools MIDI track (assuming that Pro Tools sends CC7 when moving the MIDI tracks fader, but I am sure it does). To setup this: ctrl-click on the volume knob in the kontakt instrument to open the midi learn menu, send a CC7 from a keyboard or so and the knob should have \\\"learned\\\" to react on CC#7. now the PT fader should also work.\"

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