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Topic: Mac Os 9 and Pentium 4 3.o mhz

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    Mac Os 9 and Pentium 4 3.o mhz

    I use Digital Performer on my OS9 Mac and Pro tools. I have about 5000.00 in
    plugins and my systems is working great. I'm currently working on two med budget films and 3 TV shows. It would'nt be a good time to try and upgrade to OSX. I love the Garritan sound and would like some help on a work around my problem. Is there any way at all to use the GPO Studio and a stand alone like I use Giga? Help

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    Re: Mac Os 9 and Pentium 4 3.o mhz

    Hi Bunky, I am still using DP3.11 on a MAC G4 dual 1.0 also, and I too am going to have to take the plunge soon so here's what I have done. One of our great friends here dnortana, his name is Trond, also uses DP. I have GPO installed on a dedicated Dell PC with a real nice soundcard (RME Hammerfall HDSP9652) The 9652 soundcard provides three ADAT lightpipes inputs, as well as three outputs, (24 tracks, 12 stereo) which are piped into DP via hardware device/s that will accept three ADAT lightpipes. Trond told me that he uses a program called V-Stack, it is available online from Steinberg for $59.00. I bought it and installed it, and with Trond's help, he got me all going with it.
    V-Stack allows a gob of Kontakt players to be loaded simultaneously and of course each one is good for 8 sounds each. I am currently working on the theme from Jurassic Park and so far have loaded 17 sounds including the grand piano and all is well. I am not sure of the limitations of midi tracks and audio tracks, but that is probably determined by the limitations of your other gear. I highly recommend V-Stack and use GPO in a separate PC like you are using Giga, that also leaves your MAC to run DP. I just bought a used TC Powercore Firewire on Ebay but it requires OSX, and that will force me to switch. In V-Stack, all of your settings for each project can be saved too, which means all of your tuning, VAR settings, as well as all loaded instruments are all saved as a file project name on the PC.
    I hope this info helps you like it did me.

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    Re: Mac Os 9 and Pentium 4 3.o mhz

    Sweet! Can you see this!!! It's a tear coming from my eye Just to be able to
    save my settings is worth a million. Thank you so much DPDAN!! You've made my month. I'm still not ready to switch because "if it ain't broke". It
    is so amazing how rich these sounds are. And I never give props to anyone.
    Thanks again DP,


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    Re: Mac Os 9 and Pentium 4 3.o mhz

    Well thank you Bunky but it was Trond that posted his setup and it was so similar to mine except mine was a pain in the rear, but now it's awesome.

    Thanks to Dnortana, for introducing me to V-Stack and helping me over the phone to get it running, and Steinberg for making this fabulous software and making it affordable. Very glad to help another DP guy. You made my day by just being able to help!

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