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Topic: Excited about GS3

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    Senior Member Patthoven's Avatar
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    Jan 2003
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    Smile Excited about GS3

    Hi Guys,

    Long time no talk!

    I miss you all from the Tascam Giga boards.

    I am going through the worst time of my personal life( divorce, custody. crappy judges etc,) but you guys have been the shining light that keeps me believing in a reason to keep on keeping on.

    Giga has been a massive source of frustration for so many of us over the last several years. (I got lucky and got my Giga problems solved before Tascam went underground). We all lost hope for a period of time.

    But Giga 3 is nowshipping within days, and given that reality, I am hopeful to connect with all of you again, because what a great group of guys you are!

    My personal struggles may take me away from this group forever, according to a judge.

    But my heart, like yours is always in the music. I encourage all of you to follow those dreams and your technological adeptness to the extent that they will take you. Anyone who has gotten this far with Giga deserves to be heard. Simply as one of your fellows, I bless you and honor you in your tenacity to expose your art form.

    Long live all of us who wish for nothing more than to be of service to the music and advertising/film industry that so desperately needs wonderful people.

    May we all find a home here with Giga 3, and be procreative in developing useful and meaningful relationships with those, who like ourselves, have had the balls to venture into the great unknown of music and the digital age that allows us to express ourselves in ways noone could even imagine just a decade ago.

    God bless and God speed to you all.

    Know it or not; each and every one of you is invaluable to the evolution of our art form.

    Here's to the best of luck and the best of wisdom in the technology that allows us to be who we are.


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    Smile Re: Excited about GS3

    Coooool - I FOUND YA AGAIN! Got yer message - in & out of country, INSANELY slammed with work and other stuff (waaaay to OT) ...Ooops sorry gang - Pat I'll get in touch ASAP!

    Giga's gonna rock! I'm looking for some serial ATA drive MOBO's with Pentium cpu socketting to set up a number of GS3 machines.

    Anyone know where to get 'em please chime in.

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    Senior Member Patthoven's Avatar
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    Jan 2003
    Chicago, Illinois

    Thumbs up Re: Excited about GS3

    Hey Mikey!

    Your gonna like it I bet!!

    Yeah, its pretty exciting to Giga moving into the stream of thing again.

    I'm looking forward to connecting with all the gang again and hope everyone chimes in. I see John Fairhurst on the boards quite a bit as well as a handful of others.

    Last I heard, shipments will be going out early next week.

    Great to hear from you. I look forward to the product and hope that the intial release is reasonably stable. Given what Tascam went through last time, I gotta believe they've been diligent about their release.

    Well we'll see you on the Frontier!

    God Bless, Patrick

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    Re: Excited about GS3

    Hi Patrick,

    Welcome back to the community.

    Here's the Hollywood story for your personal situation:

    The judge is just about to throw your life down the drain. Just before he speaks, you break in with an empassioned plea about your need to create music. The judge says "Music may be important for you, but your music doesn't mean anything to anybody else." Just as he's ready to cast your lot, a huge throng of your music fans break into the courthouse, playing your music on a large boom box. They've all got portable CD players, and are holding copies of your CDs in their hands. They tell the judge that your music will change the world, and then chant "Patt-ho-ven, Patt-ho-ven". The judge recognizes the greatness of your music and its power to change the world for the betterment of mankind. He makes a trascendently wise judgement, which is a win for all, and will allow your music to flourish.

    Oh yeah, you get to write the score and conduct the orchestra, winning your first Academy Award.

    Best of luck in the real world. Welcome back!


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    Re: Excited about GS3

    Yes if you don't mind me asking, you stated "My personal struggles may take me away from this group forever, according to a judge."

    What do you mean by this? Is he going to rule that your wife gets the PC or are we talking something more serious here.

    Things may look bleak now but keep your chin up, things will get better.


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    Senior Member Patthoven's Avatar
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    Jan 2003
    Chicago, Illinois

    Wink Re: Excited about GS3


    Your wit never ceases to amaze me! Oh, and by the way "he" is a she, and she thinks I am........ well , lets just say...... I'm not her hero!!!!

    Yeah, she's a true cipher of justice.............In the last year she's taken my daughter, my house, my assetts, (my credit rating with it) ...and......... the opposition wants her to put in a judgement for any future Earnings, (Lotto winnings) etc. You get the picture.

    However, I really do like the idea of my fans breaking down the court room doors and breaking into Chant!!!!!

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    UK- teeming with life....

    Re: Excited about GS3

    Good Luck Pat.... I remember you from the old Tascam forum.
    re GS3...yes it certainly is exciting but not quite exciting enough to discourage me from waiting to see what Kontakt2 contains!...I mean, after waiting all this time another few months isn't going to hurt!



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