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Topic: Gigastudio Version 2.5 Polyphony Problem

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    Gigastudio Version 2.5 Polyphony Problem

    It has now been over 3 weeks since Tascam assigned a number to my Technical Support request. Despite my subsequent reminders to them, I still have not heard anything whatsoever. In an effort to get any assistance I can, and possibly shame Tascam into contacting me, I am turning to the Forum for help.
    I run Gigastudio 160 in conjunction with a Frontier Design Wavecenter PCI card. Until I downloaded the version 2.5 upgrade, I never had any problems and could easily produce over 120 voices. With 2.5, my Status Meters always show twice the polyphony they should - 2 voices per note-on for a mono sample, 4 for stereo. Gigastudio is the only application running. This \"double-polyphony\" occurs no matter which of my MIDI controllers generates the note-on, and I am certain they are all working properly. My Wavecenter PCI card is not to blame - if I run other MIDI programs, they work perfectly. The only time my Status Meters show the correct polyphony usage is if I click on the Virtual Keyboard at the bottom of the MIDI Mixer window with my mouse. The problem is more sereous than just the annoyance that System performance isn\'t shown correctly, since voice stealing takes place at the number specified in Settings>Sampler>Polyphony. Accordingly, even with the maximum setting of 160, I experience voice stealing above 80 \"real\" voices, and my system\'s performance is seriously compromised. Any ideas would be most welcome. Has anyone else expereinced the same total lack of support from Tascam recently?

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    Re: Gigastudio Version 2.5 Polyphony Problem

    Paul, from what I understand, if the virtual keyboard works, then giga is responding properly.

    It\'s telltale that you get one note when you fire from the virtual keyboard, but two when you trigger via your midi interface.

    I would strongly suggest that you somehow have a double up. Somehow when you play one note, Giga is obviously getting two. I just don\'t think that\'s Giga\'s fault.

    Unfortunately, I have no idea how your system is set up, or how your midi interface works.

    When you record a track into your seqeuncer, can you tell if two notes are being recorded for each one you play? (you may have to go into edit and move a couple of notes to see if the doubles are being hidden).

    Do you have anything like midi yoke installed?

    In hardware settings on Giga, what are the midi port routings?

    You might also like to visit the Tascam and Yahoo gig forums for more assistance.

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    Re: Gigastudio Version 2.5 Polyphony Problem

    Just had another thought.

    Older versions of Gigastudio were notorious for doing messy uninstalls. A true uninstall of Gigastudio involves uninstalling the programme, and then going through the Windiws registry and deleting a bunch of keys etc.,

    Assuming for a moment that you didn\'t get Giga 2.2 completely uninstalled, I wonder if it\'s possible that you have two sets of Nemesys Midi Input Ports setup within windows - the old set and the newly installed set.

    Sorry I can\'t tell you how to check this, it\'s just a theory.

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    Re: Gigastudio Version 2.5 Polyphony Problem

    Thank you for your response. I don\'t have a sequencer installed on this computer -it is a dedicated \"Gigastudio sound module\", while a 2nd computer handles my MIDI and audio recording. I can record MIDI from all my controllers without any \"doubling\" on that system. My Gigastudio computer doesn\'t have anything like MIDI yoke installed that might affect MIDI performance. My Gigastudio MIDI Setup/Routing has my Wavecenter PCI MIDI input #1 assigned as input port 1, with inputs 2-4 assigned to \"none\". MIDI output ports are the standard \"Nemesys Out Port 1-4\".
    I think your idea about the 2.5 upgrade failing to completely un-install code associated with MIDI operations is very likely correct. Unfortunately, I need Tascam\'s assistance to troubleshoot that, and they still haven\'t contacted me. Part of my reason for this post was to try to get an idea if other Giga users are experiencing the same total lack of support from Tascam. If Tascam is so under-staffed in tech support that it takes a month to respond to a request, they should ar least be sending out apologies explaining the situation and estimating when they might be able to offer assistance. I don\'t even want to think about the other possibility - I was an Opcode user when Gibson took over their products, so I am familiar with being left high and dry.

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    Re: Gigastudio Version 2.5 Polyphony Problem

    I\'m also still p*ssed about what Gibson did with Opcode. What a waist of such good software. However I think the situation here is completly different. As far as I know Tascam is very commited with GS.

    The uninstall procedure is here somewhere on this board. Do a search for it. It might seem a long shot, but my guess is also that something went wrong there.

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    Re: Gigastudio Version 2.5 Polyphony Problem

    I finally heard from Tascam Tech Support - it took 25 days (!!!) for them to contact me, and then they were of minimal help. In the end, Chadwick\'s suggestion that a \"clean install\" of GigaStudio was required proved to be correct. Thank you Chadwick! I was reluctant to do this until I heard something (anything) from Tascam, fearing that if I ended up needing a new registration key I might never be able to get one (my Opcode/Gibson paranoia at work). Tascam would have me believe that mine was a unique case where they failed to provide prompt tech support, but my confidence in them is extremely low right now.

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