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Topic: which instrumens perform this part??

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    which instrumens perform this part??

    i konw this question may seems completely dumb...
    but for sure you have more experience with orchestral instruments than me and maybe you will be of some help....
    which set of instruments, according to you, perform the scale "run" in this short piece? (i admit it is a part - just very few seconds - of a movie soundtrack... i will keep on my server only for a few days, until maybe i'll have an answer...)


    i'm pretty sure they are woodwinds, but which "family"?
    "scolastically" speaking, to which instruments should i assign such a part? only flutes and piccolo would perform well? is possible another set? suggestions?
    thank you very much! :-)

    (after this one i will maybe have another, this time regarding brass! ;-) )

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    Re: which instrumens perform this part??

    Sounds like a piccolo to me.

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    Re: which instrumens perform this part??

    Probably flutes + piccolo. Hard to hear with all the mucking about
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    Re: which instrumens perform this part??

    Definately a piccolo in there. Sounds like regular flute as well. I also think I hear a little oboe as well...

    Most of the treble woodwinds can have runs like that. The flute, piccolo, and oboe being the most common. You see clarinet runs like that sometimes too. Occasionally, a hint of xylophone can add a little punch to the run, provided the tempo allows.

    Now, it really depends on what you plan on doing with the run as far as which instruments to use. Subtle runs can be done on a soft clarinet or oboe, while louder "accent" tyoe runs, like the one in that MP3, do well with piccolo and flute, and maybe even more instruments. Sometimes, even the brass (trumpet in particular) can have runs. Strings can as well.

    Best advice: Play around with the instrumentation and see what you like.

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    Re: which instrumens perform this part??

    Flute and piccolo, same notes, but the flute is playing an octave lower, it's also possible that 2nd violins play the same notes as the flute line, but I could not tell where the notes (came from) with that short of an exerpt. .02

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    Re: which instrumens perform this part??

    It could be all of the high woodwinds, but the piccolo would still stand out. The most important part is the piccolo and the flutes.

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    Re: which instrumens perform this part??

    Its a piccolo run. At the end of this month I am recording with a Hollywood session woodwind player to record a bunch of different variations of these type of runs (I am scoring a horror cartoon). I am doing multiple takes of each run in multiple keys so that they can be mixed and mached in numerous ways. I will be releasing a few of these as part of a library of horror insturment sound design I am making (more info this later).


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