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Topic: Other Forum repugnance!

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    Thumbs down Other Forum repugnance!

    I recently scoped another forum (had to do with recording) and lurked around a bit. I was totally repulsed by the attitudes and lack of respect by most of the posts and replies on just about all of the subjects. Attacks on people’s credibility, personality, mental well-being, health and over all experience in their respected and outside respective fields. I wonder where the moderator(s) are who oversee these mindless childish immature attitudes. I am so glad this forum attracts intelligent people.
    Except for that Styxx person.

    Now go away or I'll taunt you a second timea!

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    Re: Other Forum repugnance!

    I'm on a number of music-related forums and most of them are always friendly (this one being one of the best in that regard), but once in a while I'll come across something nasty like you describe. Too bad. Oh well...

    But yeah, whatever is to be done about this Styxx fellow??? I say - off with 'is 'ead!!
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    Re: Other Forum repugnance!

    Quote Originally Posted by Styxx
    I recently scoped another forum (had to do with recording) and lurked around a bit. I was totally repulsed by the attitudes and lack of respect by most of the posts and replies on just about all of the subjects.
    Hey Styxx, I have to agree with you on THAT!! I did the same thing on a forum (un-named, of course) and was totoally blown away. This Garritan forum is the first forum I had really even looked at, so I thought most forums would be filled with people that were at least courteous to each other.

    This place really does have some of the most (nod to you, Styxx) funny, talented, articulate, and most of all, respectful members I have seen!

    It is a pleasure coming here every day.

    Thanks again

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    Re: Other Forum repugnance!

    When you have the developers and owners of the software posting here on a daily basis, geez--that's unheard of. That's really great.
    GPO is used for more than orchestral music, we need to continue to be aware of that bourgeois group of users (I am one).
    I know GPO gets good props on the Sonar forum, that's where I heard about it.
    I hope I can get to know y'all better at one of the chats.



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    Re: Other Forum repugnance!

    I have participated in dozens of forums over the past 10 years, related to many different topics including music, software, computer science, philosophy and many other things. I have seen all types of people on all the forums and all kinds of different forum cultures or vibes.

    Definitely the tone of this NS forum is among the best I have ever seen in terms of everyone being respectful to each other. Many other forums seem to allow anonymity (sp) to spoil it. Its wierd how rude people can be to each other when they don't ever have to look each other in the face.

    The worst ones, by far, are the ones where there is a core group of people, or perhaps even just one person, who doesn't seem to have a life outside of the forum. They respond to every thread and they bully people around. Nice people don't come back. The only people that hang around for any length of time are either the people that the bullies somehow like, or the ones that don't mind being bullied around. There are plenty of those.

    This forum on NS is about as far away from that as I can imagine possible. There are lots of forums that lay somewhere in between and I find completely enjoyable. Those really bad ones...I don't waste my time. For the most part they have become all about a few people and their egos unfortunately.

    I'm glad this forum is not like that...at all...
    "Music is a manifestation of the human spirit similar to a language. If we do not want such things to remain dead treasures, we must do our utmost to make the greatest number of people understand their secrets" -- Zoltan Kodaly

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    Re: Other Forum repugnance!

    I add in my vote!
    This forum, especially the Garritan part in which I often lurk around,
    resonates the feeling that music should and can bring all kinds of people together.

    This is also the most acive forum I have seen as well.

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    Re: Other Forum repugnance!

    I add in my vote, too!

    As Jerry said: It's a pleasure to come here.

    I'm not a big writer, but I read the threads whenever I can. And I learned a lot.

    My best wishes to you all

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    Thumbs up Re: Other Forum repugnance!


    being here just a couple of days, I have the desire to add my impressions as well: this is a *great* place in the internet. Gifted musicians with great friendlyness and respect for each other. This is really inspiring!

    All the best,

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    Re: Other Forum repugnance!

    Now, now, now, people... there is such a thing as being too nice. So let me break this up a bit: I think you're all a bunch of big jerks.

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    Post Re: Other Forum repugnance!

    LOL, kbaccki!

    This forum is a great place to be and is a breath of fresh air. Previously, I have had two forums that I participated on. Over time, I found myself going to the sites less and less because of the exact reasons Styxx and Kevin described. It astounds me how people can post complete and ugly garbage in a company's forum and then scream that they are being `censored' when the company removes the thread. It is a shame, because there are a ton of talented people who are helpful, yet at the same time a person who helped you on one post will rip you to shreds on an other because he/she disagrees with what you have to say. To me, it is a low-win situation, hence I am now primarily here. (Hey, who just threw that tomato at me?!)

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