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Topic: MidiSport 4X4/Gigastudio 160 Hell

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    MidiSport 4X4/Gigastudio 160 Hell

    Windows 98
    Stripped down to orignal 500mb of RAM
    Layla 20 bit 5.02 driver
    4.1.14 Midiman driver

    Ever since I installed a new motherboard and more RAM I have incredible instability issues and now I have run into an insurmountable problem.

    Although the input lights on my midisport usb 4X4 light up Gigastudio has huge problems with it. The Green midi port numbers 1-4 won\'t light up red until I click off the midi looping (by turning the keyboard red) and turn it back on again (white). I can play for around 10 seconds or so then the sound and red lights disappear again until I click the keyboard.

    I have all the settings correct in Gigastudio, my midi chain is fine until it hits Gigastudio. I originally had Win 98SE installed and I thought it was a USB issue, but I have sufficiently eliminated this by installing Win98. I have Direct Sound disabled in the layla settings.

    I cannot Figure what the hell is going on.


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    Re: MidiSport 4X4/Gigastudio 160 Hell

    Please see VIA Chipset, USB and Dante\'s Inferno under the Hardware Solutions category.

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