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Topic: Elmer Bernstein Dies At 82

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    Elmer Bernstein Dies At 82


    LOS ANGELES (Film Music Magazine) -- Legendary film composer Elmer Bernstein died this afteroon at 2:00 pm at his home in Los Angeles at the age of 82.

    Recognized with countless awards for his work in film, television, stage and audio recording, Bernstein was nominated fourteen times for Academy Awards, winning the Award in 1967 for his score for "Thoroughly Modern Millie." Other nominated scores include "The Man with the Golden Arm," "The Magnificent Seven," "Summer and Smoke," "To Kill a Mockingbird," "The Return of the Seven," "Hawaii," "True Grit," "Trading Places," "The Age of Innocence" and "Far From Heaven." His Oscar-nominated songs include "Walk on the Wild Side," "My Wishing Doll" from Hawaii and "Wherever Love Takes Me" from Gold.

    Bernstein has been recognized by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association with Golden Globes for his scores for "To Kill a Mockingbird" and "Hawaii." In 1963 he was awarded the Emmy for excellence in television for his score of "The Making of The President," 1960. He was the recipient of Western Heritage Awards for "The Magnificent Seven" (1960) and "The Hallelujah Trail "(1965). He received five Grammy nominations from the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences and garnered two of Broadway's coveted Tony Award nominations for "How Now Dow Jones" and "Merlin."

    Additional honors include Lifetime Achievement honors from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP), The Society for the Preservation of Film Music, the USA, Woodstock, Santa Barbara, Newport Beach and Flanders International Film festivals and the Foundation for a Creative America. In 1996, Bernstein was honored with a star on Hollywood Boulevard. In 1999, he received an Honorary Doctorate of Music from Five Towns College in New York State and was honored by the American Film Institute in Los Angeles. Bernstein again was honored by ASCAP with its marquee Founders Award in 2001.

    In 2003 and 2004, Bernstein worked with young composers as he served as mentor and spokesperson for the Turner Classic Movies Young Film Composers Competition.

    He is survived by his wife Eve, four children and five grandchildren. A public memorial service is planned. Film Music Magazine will have a further announcement with the memorial service details as soon as they are finalized.

    "Music is a manifestation of the human spirit similar to a language. If we do not want such things to remain dead treasures, we must do our utmost to make the greatest number of people understand their secrets" -- Zoltan Kodaly

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    Unhappy Re: Elmer Bernstein Dies At 82

    Oh boy, another great gone home. We shall miss him dearly! Great composer!

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    Re: Elmer Bernstein Dies At 82

    This is so sad. He contributed so much great film music and really did a lot for the preservation of old film scores.

    And he was so active up till the very end.

    He will be missed

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    Re: Elmer Bernstein Dies At 82

    Death is always sad, especially of one so talented. However, the positive side of the death of a great tree is that this makes room for the new saplings. These will now receive more of the available light.

    I'm sure that there will be plenty of worthy youngsters waiting to fill the great man's shoes.


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    Re: Elmer Bernstein Dies At 82

    Yes, sad to see him go. He lived a great and full life though. I think its a time to reflect on the great things he accomplished, to honor the man and then as Hardy suggests....spread your leaves and catch some sun...
    "Music is a manifestation of the human spirit similar to a language. If we do not want such things to remain dead treasures, we must do our utmost to make the greatest number of people understand their secrets" -- Zoltan Kodaly

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    Re: Elmer Bernstein Dies At 82

    "To Kill a Mockingbird" is one of my favorite films. I actually own the LP soundtrack to "The Man With the Golden Arm". The edgy. slightly-hyper jazz on that record still sounds completely distinctive.

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