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Topic: MIDI implmentation chart

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    MIDI implmentation chart

    I\'ve gone through the manual for GS as well as the on_line integrated help document, yet I\'ve been unable to find a MIDI Implementation Chart for GS in any of the documentation ..... does one exist?


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    Re: MIDI implmentation chart

    Hi !

    There is a MIDI implemtation chart of GS on the last page of my \"GigaSampler User\'s Guide\".

    Hugbald (Berlin)

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    Re: MIDI implmentation chart


    I too have a MIDI implementation chart on the back page of mine ... howeever, my original GigaSampler was from 1999 .... now I have a GigaStudio 160 with a new manual .... but no Implementation Chart .........

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    Re: MIDI implmentation chart

    Hi janna !

    I guess the chart didn\'t change til now.


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    Re: MIDI implmentation chart


    I was hung up on that Bank Select issue .... if there was a MIDI implementation Chart included in the GigaStudio 160 manual, it would have saved me a lot of time and trouble....


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    Re: MIDI implmentation chart

    A manual??!!

    I\'ve had GS160 for over a year and been gagging for a decent manual and/or online help.. I\'d all but given up. What came with the package wa basic to say the least.

    Anyone know how I can get a copy?

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