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Topic: Prodif PLUS + Gigastudio 2.5

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    Question Prodif PLUS + Gigastudio 2.5

    Does anyone use PRODIF PLUS with GigaStudio? I need your help.

    I own the card and I like how it sounds but I cannot seem to make it work well with GigaStudio; it starts to crackle at very low polyphony. On the other hand, my SoundBlaster Live! has like 130+ voices polyphony with GigaStudio. One of my guesses is that because Prodif PLUS is set to 32 bit on GigaStudio, the computer is working too hard. But 32 bit is only twice 16 bit and I can hardly get 30 voices without hearing snaps, crackles and pops!

    Do I have to use my SoundBlaster and let the Prodif retire? What a waste and how unprofessional...


    I'm working in Windows 98SE because Prodif & SB Live! aren't supported with GigaStudio in any other operating system. Rather lame, no?

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    Re: Prodif PLUS + Gigastudio 2.5

    Excuse my ignorance but I do not know what Prodif Plus is. However, I know SoundBlaster. It will not work with GS. Check Tascam/Giga Soundcard list for more info. If you find this Prodif Plus card is GSIF compatible you can use it, but Soundblaster will never work.


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    Re: Prodif PLUS + Gigastudio 2.5

    How ironic! The Prodif PLUS is listed as GSIF compatible but cracks and clips at a very low polyphony, and the SoundBlaster Live! isn't listed there but WORKS! And works very well.

    No one to salvage me

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